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The Celtics get real bang for their buck

Through a complex formula, Bloomberg Businessweek has identified the smartest spending teams in sports. 

The Celtics rank 2nd in the NBA (behind the Lakers) and 7th among the four North American professional leagues.

It comes down to cost-per-win with bonus points for wins above .500, playoff wins and championships.

The Heat, Magic and Spurs round out the top 5 in the NBA. The Knicks are 29th (big smile).

It’s a different ballgame for the 2012-13 season. The Celtics are a smidge under the $74 million luxury tax threshold. Meanwhile, the Lakers are shelling out $99 million to Kobe, Gasol, Nash and Clown Face. Kobe’s hauling in $28 million alone.

Click the link for a cool interactive graphic that displays rankings for all the leagues.

And if you are a real geek, you can make up your own ranking system.

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  • Boganik

    I love the way you called H12… Clown Face…ahahah

    • Rippinstix

      Yeah, that was like totally cool, like that one time you called H12 clown face. I loved that!

      Love it +1.

      P.S. My favorite part is when you called H12 clown face. HAHAHAHA

      • tom

        From now on just refer to him as clown face (no more dwight howard) … “Paint your face clown!” Rolmfao, I’ll live to be 300 and that’ll still put a smile on my face. I was wtching the mtv vma’s last night and clown boy came out to give kevin hart a jersey. I couldn’t refrain from the laughter. Also the jersey he gave kevin hart was too long, so he got upset and told clown boy “I hope you find it funny when kobe don’t pass you the damn ball”… Hilarious also

  • Drew

    What are you guys, 4? That clown face shit isn’t funny. You know what is hilarious though? When KG yells ” raaaawwwwrr” on the jumbo tron. I’ve never laughed harder at what is supposed to be an attempt at hyping up the crowd.

    • PakkAttackk

      Nah, what’s really funny is when Gasol screams & looks like a llama. Now, THAT is funny.

    • Chuck

      Watching the Thunder steamroll LA in 5 was pretty funny…

  • zippittyay

    I’m not a professional statistician, but how is the league avg in regular season wins NOT 41??

    • zippittyay

      oh, i forgot about the short season already… nm