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GreenLight Madness: Sweet Sixteen – Seed #1 vs Seed #17

The first round of the GreenLight Madness tournament is complete and you can check out the results below.  The numbers next to each play indicate the percentage of votes received, not the total votes.  Today we will begin the sweet sixteen, once again narrowing the field down in half, eventually crowning a champion.  Rajon Rondo squares off against himself today, but the top seeded play may be tough to beat.

First Round Results:

#1 Seed: Rondo’s Sick Spinning Pass vs Warriors: In the midst of a season-long west coast road trip, Rajon Rondo executed perhaps one of the most amazing plays of the entire NBA season, let alone the Celtics season.  As he gets into the lane, he spins and tosses a perfect around-the-back pass out to Ray Allen who drills a three-pointer.  Obviously Ray helps make this play by hitting the three which is an ironic microcosm of their reported in-the-locker-room turmoil.  Throughout their 5 years together here, Rondo and Ray have been involved in so many of these type of plays.  Their play on the court never suffered from their apparent head-butting off of it, and they often gave us so many memorable moments.  This one is a perfect way to symbolize that.



Seed #17: Rondo’s End of Q3 Frenzy, Game 5 @ ATL – With 1:09 remaining in Game 5 at Atlanta, the Celtics were trailing by 8 in a remarkably sloppy game.  They were looking to close out the Hawks in four straight after dropping Game 1.  Appearing listless for most of the night, Rondo used a frenetic offensive charge to close out the quarter.  He ends the quarter tossing an alley-oop to Ryan Hollins, follows a Ray Allen miss with an ORB and lay-up, steals the ensuing inbounds pass and knocks down a jumper.  Then after missing a three, follows it with a quick lay-up, then tosses it to Mickeal Pietrus for a quarter ending lay-up.  Like I stated when the tournament began, most of the plays would be single plays, but sometimes there is short sequence of a few plays that need to make the cut, and this is certainly one of them, especially coming during a key point of a close-out game.


Rondo’s golden assist at GState or Rondo’s Q3 frenzy at ATL?

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  • Chuck

    Rondo had a sick knack for knowing exactly where Ray was standing…

    Too bad those kids couldn’t play nicely in the sand box.

  • Drew

    I was at that game in Oakland. I made everyone miserable that was sitting next to me. When KG hit the game winner I went Mike Breen and screamed “KNOCKS IT DOWN!!” White boy wasted. Cool story, huh?

    • Chulinho

      I remember that game winner too; the Warriors left KG all alone in his sweet spot. I’m sure KG would be proud of your celebration. Haha

    • misel

      i was at that game too. i flashed my rondo LED banner when this play happened (even though i was told by the security guy at the start of the game that i could only raise it in-between quarters, not during the game or timeouts). almost everyone around me were celtics fans so we high-fived each other when KG hit the game winner. =))

  • Drew

    Mike Breen really is the greatest. I’ve even forgiven him for his infamous “The Lakers repeat, back to back titles” call. He definitely gives Marv Albert a run for his money.

    • Drew

      Wanna get alcohol poisoning? Take a drink every time Breen says something awesome during a great game.

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