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Your Morning Dump… Where Dionte Christmas is following Jason Terry’s lead

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“Once we got to Boston, Jason told me he was going to look after me,” Christmas said. “[He told me] we were going to get in the gym together a lot, he wanted to see me be the best player I could be for Boston and be the best person I could be, period.”

The hours spent together in the gym quickly accumulated. Terry wasted no time encouraging Christmas to push himself. The rookie thrived on the veteran’s passion for the game. Soon, he began incorporating Terry’s methods into his own preparation. 

Even though Christmas is entering his first NBA season he has years of overseas experience, having played in Greece, Israel and Turkey. At 25 years old, he had his own routine and techniques. Yet after watching Terry for a few short weeks, Christmas has made changes to his approach. 

“He likes to get in and out, but he goes real hard for an hour,” said Christmas. “It’s something I’m not used to. I’m used to doing my thing, take a break, getting back at it. He goes straight through.

Terry has stressed that succeeding in the NBA goes beyond what a player does with the ball in his hands. Christmas echoed the advice he has received from the former Sixth Man of the Year to always stay ready, regardless of how many minutes he is – or isn’t – playing. If Christmas missteps on a play, Terry stops to walk him through it. If the rookie has a question about a strategy, the veteran talks it over with him.

Terry has also offered ways to save energy on the court, eat healthier, and incorporate more rest into his daily routine. Most significantly, he has provided Christmas with unwavering support and will continue to as he transitions into the league during his rookie year. 


Never underestimate the value of a veteran mentoring a rookie.

This reminds me of Gerald Green’s rookie season with the Celtics. The dude was an athletic freak but was (reportedly) a fast food junkie. If only Gerald had a veteran looking over his shoulder… he might have blossomed sooner.

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  • Chris

    That’s great to hear. But I also hope to hear something like this with KG in the place of Terry and Sully and Fab in place of Dionte.

    • That’s going to happen after every practice. KG has a long history of taking bigs aside after practice to school them. There was one time KG was in socks teaching JaJuan Johnson stuff after a practice

        • ah right… it was Hollins. I remember him in socks helping someone

      • Chris

        I figured. But the names mentioned here – JJJ, Hollins, Erden, Harangody – all showed improvement but none reached potential under the tutelage of KG (though the latter 2 have gone backwards out of Boston). I am however optimistic about what KG can do for Melo. The guy obviously has some talent if he went pick 22 in the NBA 4 years (or whatever it was) after taking up basketball. Having been with far less coaches in far less systems than your average rookie, he’s KG’s to mould.

  • Cam

    Bottom line is whether they are good or not.

    KG used to take Harangody and Semih aside, doesn’t really mean much.

    Its mostly about talent in the NBA

  • RedsLoveChild

    Gearald Green was/is a “fast food junkie”?

    No wonder he was the winner of the 2005 McDonalds Slam Dunk Contest!

    Seriously, Green`s problems extend far beyond fast food.

    Indiana just gave Green a $10M contract…which they are bound to regret.

  • paul

    This is, more than anything else, what being a Celtic is all about. Kudos to Jason Terry.

  • Jim

    Talent is obviously important,but it’s not the only thing needed to succeed in the NBA.The NBA draft is littered with talented players who flopped,look at Greg Oden,most reports said he was the most talented big man since Tim Duncan and most people no matter what they say now,with the benefit of hindsight would have picked Oden over Durant. Look at Boston’s own Paul Pierce,he’d probably admit himself that he wasn’t the most talented player,but he hasn’t turned out too bad.He has a great heart,a great work ethic,is a supreme team player and a good man to boot.

    • Chris

      To further support your point – just look at the 2006 draft. Described as one of the weakest in history, Aldridge and Roy and possibly Rudy Gay are possibly the only lottery players who lived up to their picks. Meanwhile, the best player in this draft turned out to be our own Rajon Rondo at pick 21, while Paul Millsap at 47 was a steal and he’s arguably better than lottery pick-turned-role players J.J. Redick, Randy Foye or Thabo Sefolosha. Hard work, determination and perseverance can make good players great and talented college players aren’t a sure thing to become talented NBA players.

  • Chulinho

    So….maybe “Ubuntu” is experiencing a rebirth…