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Scal chooses CSNNE studio over coaching gig

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) September 6, 2012 Celtics News 11 Comments on Scal chooses CSNNE studio over coaching gig

Instead of suiting up on a nightly basis for Tom Thibodeau as part of his Bulls coaching staff, Boston favorite Brian Scalabrine will suit up for CSNNE.  Choosing the Boston TV gig over the Chicago coaching gig wasn’t easy… especially since he wanted to keep playing.  But, sadly, no one wanted him.

 “I had zero opportunities. Not some, but zero.”


I’m sure Scal’s reps will make it clear that he wants to keep playing, but I’m not sure any of those opportunities will arise.  We already talked about the money drying up for players who are a lot better than Scal… so I think he’s pretty much done.

On the plus side, Boston’s irrational infatuation with Scalabrine can now continue.  I mean… the reaction to the news just on Twitter has been insane.  Boston is Scal’s home now.

Honestly, Scal… you can cut in front of Ray Allen’s caddy Donny Marshall in the line to succeed Tommy Heinsohn in the broadcast booth.  Gimme Scal doing color on the road any day of the week.

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  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    I’ll stick with Donny M.

    • 17rings

      Donny Marshall is horrible and annoying during broadcasts.. I’ll take Scal over him any day.. shoot id even take Tanguay over him.

      • Section328

        They are grooming Cornbread to take over for Tommy. He’ll be making the shift to tv. That is what Mike Gorman told me about 18 months ago.

        • Larry Legend

          I’d like to see Ced over both DM and BS. I find him to be entertaining in the radio. Grande on the other hand….could do without him. Seems really arrogant.

  • Drew

    Thanks for making it that much harder for us to forget you exist.

  • RedsLoveChild

    11 year NBA career

    3.1 PPG

    2.0 RPG

    $20,000,000 plus in salary earned

    What a country!

    Scal is Basketball`s Bob Uecker…minus the wit

  • Matt in Maine

    I would take Scal on the MIC over Marshall any day. I hate his announcing..he always states what is the most obvious fact and he talks about his playing days like he was Michael Jordan. Scal had a far better and longer career than Donny, and Scal at least has personality.

  • MJ

    You guys should probably do a post on Matt Barnes. yesterday it was rumored that the Celtics were interested in him, and just a few hours ago his last tweet said the following:

    “Maaaaan yall gonna be mad when you hear about this”

    Possible implication that he’s signing with the C’s, as he’s probably talking to the Lakers fans that follow him on twitter.

    • We’ve seen the Matt Barnes rumor and right now we don’t trust the source. I can see people connecting the two things… but we’re not quite ready to do that yet. I know we’re all yearning for news… but I’m going to wait on this one until we hear it from someone else as well.

  • Larry Legend

    Worst news I’ve heard all week. Scal go away. Tired of this fan base’s infatuation with a no talent blow hard. No we gotta listen to his “analysis”?! Im not a huge Donny Marshall fan but I’d take him in his worst day over Scal. Guy a joke

  • zippittyay

    Scal has a lot of room for improvement in the booth IMHO. That usually happens with experience though. Bill Walton was truly painful to listen to very early.