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Rajon Rondo: GQ Intern

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) September 6, 2012 Rajon Rondo 5 Comments on Rajon Rondo: GQ Intern

Rajon Rondo has been around the world lately.  Now that we’re a few weeks away from the beginning of training camp, Rondo has come home to the U.S.  But he’s making one quick stop before heading back to Boston.   This is from an email sent to us by GQ.

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo is joining GQ as fashion intern for New York Fashion Week, it was announced today by Jim Nelson, GQ editor-in-chief.  His status as an intern is effective today.

Rondo will be working closely with GQ’s fashion department, led by Jim Moore, the magazine’s creative director. Rondo will also be attending fashion shows with GQ editors and will be writing about his experience for GQ.com.

“I love the set-up so far and I’m having fun. I’m still a rookie at this,” said Rondo of his new position. “I’m humble. Anything GQ needs me to do—getting coffee—I’ll do. In my position, I haven’t done things like this in my entire life. It’s fun doing what I do, but it’s nice getting the flipside of that 9 to 5.”

Rondo has shown a flair for style in his career (with some choices better than others)… so a few days as an “intern” seems like a fun little departure from the norm.

Hold on… let me guess at one of the comments that will be left…

“Rondo should be working on his shooting… not interning at GQ.”

… like there are no basketball courts in New York City for Rondo to catch a workout.

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  • WinstonSalems

    Rondo should be working on his shooting… not interning at GQ

  • MissMD88

    This is the most we’ve heard from Rondo. He’s just everywhere this summer. This can’t be life. Rajon its too much. Give it to us in small doses. We are just not used to this. LOL! He’s really putting himself out there. I don’t if its his camp asking him to be more accessible or if he’s coming out of shell. He’s just been vocal and a presence during the offseason. He’s suppose to be on 106 & Park on this Monday (music countdown show on BET; taped in NY) too. Maybe we’re seeing him mature before us. Also like John said, he can work out anywhere.

    • Chulinho

      He’s even tweeting more than usual.

  • Chulinho

    Second best part of this article:

    “We’re a few weeks away from the beginning of training camp.”

  • zippittyay

    Who’s the dork with the mohawk? Is that supposed to pass for fashion nowadays?