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Courtney Lee shares dunk video

New Celtic Courtney Lee bragged about dunking on a player that was “6 or 7 inches taller” yesterday on his Twitter page. Twitter exploded with C’s fans trying to guess who it was. Well, Mr. Lee just shared the vid via his Twitter. So looking at the vid that was filmed at the C’s practice facility in Waltham, who do you think it is…? Click the link below to watch the clip.

Who got dunked on?

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  • Carl

    I think thats Fab Melo that Lee dunked on?

    • KWAPT

      That’s my guess too..

    • Reggie35RIP

      Yeh you can hear after he screams he says something like “Take that rookie”. And that definitely isn’t Sully. ;p

  • PakkAttackk

    Considering that Courtney screamed after the dunk & is in one piece & that he wasn’t cussed at with words unknown to the human race, I’m guessing it wasn’t KG & probably Fab.

  • MissMD88

    Had to be Fab. KG is in China and I am pretty damn sure Courtney doesn’t have a death wish. No way would he brag about dunking on KG or post a video if KG was in Boston. No way. Fab is a rookie. Therefore it was Fab.

  • Joe

    Well it’s good see some of the new addition of Celts working out before training camp. It’s better to see the new guys get acquainted first.

  • 413Murph

    The first of many unfortunate posterizations of Mr. Melo in a Celts uniform.

  • CoachAJ

    As a 7ft shotblocker Melo will get dunked on. That is a fact but we hope that he will catch and alter more than he gets flushed. Short memory is what he needs to maintain. Alltime dunked on center had to be Pat Ewing and he had a pretty darn good career.