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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo didn’t watch a lot of NBA games growing up

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And while that last Boston championship team contained some of the best veterans in the game – among them Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett – Rondo has emerged as the franchise’s on-court leader, a natural role for a player who readily admits his initial dreams of sporting glory centred around playing quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.

“I didn’t watch a lot of NBA games growing up,” he says. “I watched the Green Bay Packers. I always had dreams of being an NFL player. I was a high school quarterback and I really think that has helped me become a leader on the basketball court. They are pretty much the same position.

“The quarterback is the guy who calls all the plays and gets all the attention and the same with the point guard in basketball. You have to hit the open man.”

South China Morning Post

It amazes me that Rajon Rondo didn’t watch a lot of NBA games growing up. Watching games, reading box scores and debating hoops made up 75% of my childhood. Hell, it still accounts for most of my free time.

If you watch HBO’s Hard Knocks, you saw Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill fail mightily when quizzed on which teams make up the NFL’s divisions. Just because these guys can play a certain sport at an elite level, it doesn’t equate to them being a superfan.

Rajon also commented on the areas the Celtics needed to improve on:

“We’ve not been up to par in terms of winning the championship but we’ve been in every round in every fight,” says Rondo. “There are a few things we have to do – obviously stopping LeBron. But that’s easier said than done. We’ve got to do a better job of team rebounding, keeping guys out of the paint. That’s not just when playing Miami but overall. We got to get better rebounding and defensively.”

Rebounding? Did he say… rebounding? (Use Jim Mora voice).

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  • Chris

    I wouldn’t say the Celtics need to get better defensively. We held some teams to measly scores last year but simply didn’t score enough when the starters and particularly Rondo were sitting. With Terry, Lee and Green, that won’t be an issue.

  • I don’t see the Celtics winning their division let alone winning a title. They should have never resigned Garnett to that much money becuase now they have shut themselves out of the market for a quality free agent big man like Al Jefferson, a former Celtics whose contract expires at the end of the season.

    • kjandhondo

      Out of all the deals, i’d say KG is the one i have not heard anyone say anything negative about. Compared to the $21 mil KG made last season i’d say that i’m fine with that. If they had let KG hit the market they may have lost him like Ray. KG is so important to the Cs esspecially on defense even at his age. If KG walks, its a rebuild. Pierce would probably be traded.

    • RedsLoveChild

      KG is The Celtics!

      Think of where they were in the 15 years before he came to Boston….now think of where they`ve been since he arrived 5 years ago.

      Al Jefferson is a loser!

      Wherever he goes, losing happens {Boston, Minny, Utah}.

      • Matt in Maine

        Its not fair to say BIg AL is a loser. He is a much better than average post player but being on horrible teams with little to no help and injuries hasn’t helped him at all.