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Where the Celtics roster currently stands

We’ve spent a good portion of the summer trying to figure out where the Celtics stood salary-wise… and now we’re finding out some real specifics.  HoopsWorld has all the salary details… which ESPN Boston broke down nicely.


Guards: Rajon Rondo ($11 million), Avery Bradey ($1.6 million), Jason Terry ($5 million), Courtney Lee ($5 million); Keyon Dooling ($854,389**)
Forwards: Paul Pierce ($16.8 million), Brandon Bass ($6 million), Jeff Green ($8.4 million), Jared Sullinger ($1.3 million*)
Center: Kevin Garnett ($11.6 million), Chris Wilcox ($854,389**), Jason Collins ($854,389**), Fab Melo ($1.3 million*)   NON- OR PARTIALLY GUARANTEED 2012-13 CONTRACTS (3)   Kris Joseph ($473,604); Jamar Smith ($473,604), Dionte Christmas ($473,604)

(* = 120% of rookie scale; ** = League pays portion of veteran-minimum deal)

The Cetlics gave Jason Terry the full Mid-Level Exception, which prevents them from going any higher than $74.3 million in salary.  They are currently just over $70.5 without the non-guaranteed contracts and a hair under $72 million with all of the non-guaranteed deals.

So the Celtics, essentially, have enough room to either use their $1.9 million bi-annual at some point this season, add a veteran at the minimum, or make a trade in which they take in a little more salary than they send out.

The options are limited, but there are options should the Celtics need to fill a need down the road.

The Celtics have 13 guaranteed contracts at the moment.  I would expect Kris Joseph to be a 14th, even if he’s sent to the D-League.   That would leave one open roster spot, which make sense considering Danny Ainge’s history and the team make up.

You might ask what that means for guys like Dionte Christmas and Jamar Smith.  Well, league rules allow teams to cut players who were in camp but keep them within their system by signing them to D-League deals.  I would say at least one or both of those guys would be candidates for that kind of move.

In the end, two guys made this possible:  Kevin Garnett and Jeff Green.  KG’s deal starts at $11.5 million but I’m betting another team would have thrown more at him considering what he did at the end of the year and in the playoffs.  His cap-friendly deal allowed Danny to give Green his deal at a starting price that worked under the current CBA.

We can debate Green’s deal all we want, but the reality is that he got a deal that worked for him and Danny did it in a way that didn’t screw the team financially.

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  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    You just can’t bring yourself to criticize Jeff Green’s deal, can you?


    • Are you his agent? Do you know what other offers he got? Here’s a more accurate statement:

      “We didn’t hear about any comparable offers”

      That doesn’t mean they didn’t happen… unless you believe anything you didn’t hear doesn’t exist.

      The fact is we don’t know if Jeff Green’s deal is good or bad yet. We have to see how he performs before judging the deal (unless you’re Michael Felger, in which case you just judge everything without worrying that you look terrible doing it).

      The point of what I wrote in the post is simple, though: Even if you don’t like Green’s deal, it didn’t cripple the Celtics financially. It still allows them the space to use their one remaining exception or even make a trade. I didn’t even get into the “stretch exception”… which could be used to cut Green and spread out the cap hit over (I believe) 8 years, making it a more palatable chance to take.

      • Chuck – Red’s Army

        So your basically saying the media failed to do its job on the Green offers? Faulk said 12-14 teams were interested. You mean to tell me NONE of those offers leaked? Teams will leak offers all the time, even if its to put leverage/pressure on another guy to hurry up and sign.

        You’re point about waiting to judge applies to any deal ever signed in the history of professional sports.

        I’m supposed to like this deal because it didn’t cripple the Celtics? The Joe Forte draft pick didn’t cripple the Celtics financially… am I supposed to like that?

        • No one’s telling you to like anything. Not once did I say it was a good deal. All I said is that it’s a deal that doesn’t cripple the Celtics.

          All I’m saying is that I’m waiting to see how he performs before I decide whether it’s a bad deal or not. And yeah, maybe it’d be a little better if we waited to see how some guys performed before flying off the handle.

          Are you really upset that I’m waiting to judge something rather than jumping to conclusions? Is that really your position?

  • charlie

    We’ll see if these minimum salary vets are worth more than the young guys just entering the league. If the young guys have confidence and good attitudes they might be worth emphasizing more. Wilcox, Green, Bradley, Bass, Terry,Lee will all have to step up.

  • Boganik

    All our move were correct and good to get pass the Heat,l am afraid we are a bit to small to beat the Lakers!!!anyway Ainge did a great job…

  • Jim

    I enjoyed seeing those figures laid out.Two things are clear to me ,we have a diamond of a player and a man in Kevin Garnett,his deal gave Danny room to manoeuvre,and this season there is going to be no hiding place for Jeff Green.I hope he can deal with so much pressure and scrutiny.I would to see the figures for the Lakers ,because I’m baffled that they can pay that roster and stay within the rules and keep all their players happy.

  • Larry Legend

    Hey Chuck last time I checked John was sticking up for your pathetic ass after your ridiculous twitter exchange with JJJ…why don’t u just keep quiet. You have no idea what Jeff Green had for offers so shut up.

    • Whoa there… take it easy on the name calling

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      Awww… somebody had a tough day.

  • Hudson

    If JG doesn’t work out, i’m sure we can move him to the rockets or the kings in some sort of lopsided trade deal…those teams are our pals that way…

  • Drew

    What’s with the KG doubt? In my eyes the only way I see us getting a ring with our current roster is having KG on this team. He’s a summer removed from arguably the greatest post season performance we’ve seen from him in a Celtics jersey.

  • Chris

    How different will this roster look after the trade deadline? I still would rather take a shot at Blatche or Andersen than risk waiting and having to sign another Ryan Hollins who was good at running the floor with Rondo but useless otherwise. Celticsblog suggested that there’s not space for Avery AND Lee with Terry but I think that absurd. Ideally I see Lee starting and Bradley and Terry sharing combo-guard duties in the second unit – even if Bradley get’s more minutes, making Lee/Bradley our Sefolosha/Harden equivalent.

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