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For much of the tournament this year, the top seeds have advanced rather easily.  There have been a few lower seeds that have won their respective matchup, and later this week the sweet 16 will be revealed and the next round will begin.  But first we need to round out the first round with the final two matchups.  Today’s matchup features two more assists by Rondo, each that were very different in style and at the time in which each happened.  Check out the details below.

Seed #15: Rondo’s Around-the-Back-Pass to Bass (Game 4 ECSF @ PHI) – The Celtics split two close games at home vs Philly, each game ending in a single point differential.  Then they destroyed the Sixers in Game 3, erasing any doubts about their ability to win in Philly.  Game 4 looked like it would be another blowout early as the C’s raced out to a lead of 20-5, highlighted by this pass by Rondo to Bass.


Seed #18: Rondo to KG “I’m a Problem” Alley-oop (Game 2 ECSF vs PHI) – The Celtics were looking to take a 2-0 series lead at home but were down by two with just over three minutes remaining.  In what was an otherwise ugly game, this was one of the prettier plays.  Rondo and KG execute a beautiful alley-oop, then KG tells Chris Webber (who is doing color for TNT) that “I’m a fu***** problem out here!”

Rondo’s pass to Bass or the “I’m a problem” alley-oop?

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  • Drew

    The voting on this specific poll just goes to show that this league is dunk crazy nowadays. Throw an alley oop in the mix and people go nuts. That Rondo behind the back fake was by far more impressive. Magic Johnsoneske

    • Rich

      Rondo’s behind the back dribble to himself was cool but was pointless because the defender didn’t bite and it didn’t really help anybody out, Rondo or the jumper by Bass. So it’s not “Magic Johnsoneske”, it’s more like MJ’s pointless changing hands layup.

      KG mouthing off is what makes the oop awesome, not the dunk.

      • Drew

        What are you talking about? Evan Turner clearly was confused and stayed in the paint with that Rondo fake. It kept bass open for that jumper. And even further, Rondo ran in front of Turner before he could make a good leap at Bass. Magic Johnson used to pick apart and toy with defenses. That’s exactly what Rondo did there. So YES, that was Magic Johnsoneske.

        • Rich

          Wow. Glad you enjoy the sport, but you don’t know what you’re seeing.

  • Ryan

    The trash talk wins my vote for sure.

  • wil

    it wasnt the dunk, its the attitude after the dunk, i love rondo’s fake behind the back but i love kg’s approach lol

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