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Your Morning Dump… Where Pietrus is still waiting for a contract

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Among the free agents remaining on the market is former Celtic Mickael Pietrus, who does not want to play for the league minimum. The Bucks had expressed interest in Pietrus but he remains without a team. The Celtics still have their $1.95 million biannual exception remaining but are expected to wait until close to the regular season to use that, perhaps on a player waived by another team

Boston Globe

Welcome to the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The money has dried up for guys like Pietrus.  Teams aren’t willing to pay him more than the minimum (about $1.3 million) and the Celtics aren’t going to offer him the bi-annual… so he’s off to field offers from other teams. He’s already talked to Milwaukee and Minnesota has some interest… but we’re getting to a point where I think Pietrus might just be better off financially playing overseas.

I’m not really sure this is what the league was looking for with this new deal.  Guys are still getting monster contracts and it’s the decent role players like Pietrus that are getting squeezed.  Call me crazy, but that makes the league worse.  If a guy like Pietrus is getting priced out of the league because teams are afraid of that Jenga-toppling contract that puts them just over the tax threshold, then he’s going to be replaced by guys who will take less, and who are probably not as good.  It just brings down the overall quality of the league when team benches aren’t as good.

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  • Drew

    Peaches bad shooting last year got to a point where I’d start to shake my head and roll my eyes every time he was about to take a shot. You just KNEW it was going to be a brick.

  • Jim

    Why is he turning his nose up at a million dollar contract,the rest of us would be so lucky.Sign for an NBA team,work your socks off and show the team that they need you,or take the easy way out and take bigger bucks in a league that doesn’t count,big head or what?

    • Drew

      This confuses me a little as well. Last year he was so amped to be a Celtic and seemed like a real team guy. Now this? Hmmmmm

    • Casey Aff

      Agree with Jim. Pietrus’s game has regressed over the past 2 seasons. So I don’t blame teams for offering him the minium. He signed with Boston fell in love with the team and the city, but his overall play didn’t wow some fans or Danny Ainge.

      Pietrus should sign for the minium and work his tail off to get better paid for the 2014 season. At this point for Peaches it’s not about which talentless player is getting more money than he his.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Peaches was “likable” disappointment.

    We were expecting the guy who torched the Celtics in the 2009 playoffs vs. Orlando.

    Never came close to happening.

  • kg215

    I don’t mind guys like Pietrus getting priced out of 5 millionish contracts, in that way the new CBA is working. We pay to see the stars who are actually underpaid with max contracts in terms of the money they bring in/impact on winning. Then there are the role players that fill out the rest of the team, some got a lot more money than they deserve because contenders would just throw around the mid level exception or trade with teams who wanted to dump salary. Now the money they get is a lot closer to what decent role players are worth.

  • Number33

    Dude sucks

  • paul

    What’s funny about the way the contract turned out is that it was the lower level guys like Pietrus, and Davis, and West who forced the players to surrender, it seemed. As soon as they missed one single check they started bitching. I don’t know if Pietrus did that, but others did. Now they are getting screwed by the deal they helped force through.

    But I like Pietrus and would be glad if Ainge brought him back. He’d be a good energy guy to have at the end of your bench. Folks say that they were expecting a lot more from him last year? Really? I think he gave us a lot considering how we picked him up, and his injury problems. Folks are unrealistic sometimes. They sometimes expect us to pick up Michael Jordan in his prime off the waiver wire.

  • Frank

    I would love him back, he would be better this year as the 9th man rather than the 6th man like last year. His defense is important and you would not need his scoring this season.

    • kg215

      Yes he would be better as a 9th man, and this past season he had stretches of terrific defense followed by some stretches where he made a lot of mistakes. But he doesn’t want to be paid like one (veteran minimum) and I don’t think Danny wants to even give him the bi annual exception which is 1.95 million. We don’t know for sure but it seems like all teams have only offered him the vet. minimum, I doubt he would turn down the bi annual exception or equivalent this late.

  • Eddy Allen Powe

    His agent says he’s not a biannual player, so last season was a contact year for him. Well, he played like a veterans minimum type player. In and out with injuries, poor shooting, and giving away fouls like the team had no limit. If he comes back, he’ll be the M. Daniels of this squad. End of the bench or in Doc’s dog house.