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During the past five seasons the Celtics have provided us with several close games culminating with clutch three-pointers that either tied or won a game.  Ray Allen hit a ton of those, but other players, especially Paul Pierce hit their fair share as well.  Today’s matchup features a couple of those very shots.  The first one, is Rondo’s clutch three against Philadelphia at the end of Game 7 in the ECSF.  So it didn’t tie the game or with it at the buzzer, but this shot capped an incredible one-man takeover by Rondo to close out Philly just after Pierce fouled out.  When voting, focus only on his three at the end of the compilation, not everything else.  Check out the clips below to see his matchup.

Seed #14: Rondo’s Clutch Three, Game 7 vs Philly ECSF – Paul Pierce had just fouled out late in the fourth quarter of the deciding Game 7 between the Celtics and the Sixers.  At that point, the C’s were only up by 3 with 4 minutes left, hardly a guarantee to advance.  Rondo essentially took control of the game, scoring 11 points, grabbing 2 rebounds and confidently stepping into and drilling a killer three to finish off the Sixers.


Seed #19: Pierce’s Clutch Three vs Knicks – In what was voted as one of the greatest games of the 2011-2012 season, Paul Pierce didn’t disappoint in theatrics.  Just as he has many times against the Knicks, he came through in the clutch, drilling a three to tie the game and send it into OT, where they would eventually prevail.

Rondo’s Three vs Philly or Pierce’s Three vs NYK?


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  • Frankie

    This has been the hardest poll for me! Went with Rondo’s 3 though. Can’t beat the unexpectedness of that shot!!

  • Pablo

    Tough one. Went with Rondo. He saved PP, the game, and the series.

  • Drew

    Play off heroics>regular season heroics

  • MissMD88

    Had to go with Rondo. He made big plays and hit big free throws. He saved PP. He also had that killer look in his eyes.

  • MissMD88

    Also I always feel like Pierce lives to troll the Knicks when we play them! LOL!!!! Its always so funny. They know he’s taking those shots yet can’t stop it!

  • Chris

    surprised rondo’s takeover didn’t seed higher. Pierce fouled out, Allen’s ankles provided no lift and KG was spent. Facing elimination, Rondo put the Celtics on his back and carried them to the ECF (where he would carry them some more)

    • Jay – Red’s Army

      Well technically, the vote is supposed to be just for Rondo’s three, not the entire compilation but I agree with you. But, that is why it didn’t rank higher. Tried to stick with just single plays for the tournament.