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GreenLight Madness: Seed #13 vs Seed #20

The madness continues as we get closer to the end of the first round.  Today’s matchup features another set of plays pitting Rondo versus himself.  Typically we’re used to seeing some magical assists by Rajon Rondo throughout the season and highlighted in this tournament.  Today, we’ll see a couple of different plays from him.  Ok one of them technically isn’t an assist, unless you’re allowed to pass to yourself.  Wondering what I’m referring to?  Check out the detail below to find out.

Seed #13: Rondo Catches Wade Sleeping, Game 7 2012 ECF – It’s early during Game 7 against Miami and the Celtics are looking for their first basket to break the ice.  Rondo is inbounding the ball underneath the basket and notices Dwyane Wade with his back turned towards him.  Rondo pulls a Scottie Pippen and gently tosses the ball off of Wade’s back to himself and gets the lay-up.  Smart move and even bolder considering it’s Game 7.


Seed #20: Rondo’s Swipe Block on Josh Smith, Game 6 2012 ECQF – About halfway through Game 6 against ATL, Josh Smith decides to attack the basket with his team down by one.  Rondo, ever the gambler, executes a flawless (albeit dangerous) swipe block on Smith, eventually leading to a delayed fast break lay-up by KG, who was also fed nicely by Rondo.


Rondo Catches Wade Sleeping or Rondo’s Swipe Block on Josh Smith?

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