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KG returning to China next week


KG is headed back to China next week. The Big Ticket has always had a huge following there, but since he signed with Chinese sneaker company Anta, his popularity has simply exploded. Anta is holding contests to give folks the opportunity to meet and greet KG, win autographed items, sneakers etc. Fans are being asked to send testimonials and pictures explaining why they should be able to meet KG. Since he came to Boston in 2007, I’ve been fortunate enough to run into Garnett pregame at the Garden a few times. I can only imagine the desperation and excitement that fans in China must go through. Garnett obviously can only make it there once a year at most, and who knows if this will be his final trip there as an active NBA player. He is larger than life and his Chinese fans will do whatever it takes to even just get a glimpse of him in person.

The Big Ticket will be in China from Thursday 9/6 until Tuesday 9/11. His first stop will be Harbin, located in the northeast of China. I’ve been told by a source that while in Harbin, Anta will unveil KG’s next signature shoe, the “KG3“. He’ll then travel to Zhengzhou on the 7th, spend the 8th in Chengdu and wrap-up the trip in Shenzhen from 9/9 to 9/11. While in Shenzhen, he’ll be participating in a photo shoot and appearing on local television. I’ll have plenty of pics and video from KG’s trip right here on Red’sArmy starting next Thursday. Here are a few pics from KG’s last visit to China:


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  • MissMD88

    OMG! KG news!!! I’m convinced KG spends his offseason in the Forbidden Forest doing God knows what and may partake in some unicorn blood stuff while there. LOL! Just kidding. I love KG and especially love KG sightings in the offseason. I’ll enjoy the pics and whatever is written about his visit. Its so rare!

    • KWAPT

      Yes-I’m right there with you-I cannot get enough KG stuff. We’ll have plenty of media for you here..

  • thebantam

    Wish he would do this for his faithful here?!

    • KWAPT

      When he was with Adidas, he did some pretty cool stuff, but you have a great point. I cannot argue with the fact that Mr.Garnett does very few, if any, public appearances, signings etc. His autograph is actually one of the most valuable on the market just because he rarely signs anything.

  • Chulinho

    I really want to caption that picture with him holding the basketball and pointing…

  • andy

    KWAPT – you are the man. love your posts/coverage. thanks man.

    • KWAPT

      My pleasure Andy-appreciate that.

  • Paul

    I had the opportunity to meet KG at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, where I work. He was there for the after party for the Hoodie Awards. He was soo very nice, shook my hand twice and posed for a picture with me! I also met Paul Pierce at the Luxor after the second season with the Celtics! Memories that I will never forget!!!

    • RedsLoveChild

      No Antoine Walker?

      I`m sure he was nearby blowing his fortune at the craps table!

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