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Scal on the verge of becoming a coach

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) August 28, 2012 Around the NBA 16 Comments on Scal on the verge of becoming a coach

Boston loves Scal.  Of course, we didn’t always.  People tend to forget that early on in Scal’s tenure here, a lot of people hated him.  But they were under some impression that him popping wide open 3’s as a result of being set up by Jason Kidd would continue without him when he joined a crappy team.  People also tend to forget he was part of two losing seasons in Boston before the Kevin Garnett/Ray Allen trades that turned Scal into a loveable human victory cigar.

Scal was never “terrible.”  Scal is a fundamentally sound player who does everything the right way… he just lacks the physical tools to execute a lot of the things he wants… or used to be able to do.  But he does have a pretty solid knowledge of the game.  It’s why Doc would often stick Scal in the starting line up when KG went down because while he would never do a ton for you on the floor, he wasn’t going to make stupid mistakes and he’d do everything he could to spring other players for open shots and play intense defense.

The lack of physical tools means he’s probably not going to get any more phone calls from NBA GM’s looking for his services.  But it’s that knowledge of the game that will keep in on an NBA bench… as a coach.

When NBA training camps open in a little over a month, there’s a good chance that like the last two seasons, Brian Scalabrine will be in Deerfield, Ill., at the Berto Center with the Bulls–just not as a player.

According to sources familiar with the situation, the fan favorite is in line to join Tom Thibodeau’s coaching staff for the upcoming season, has learned.

I love it.  Imagine how much fun it would be to play for Brian Scalabrine.  In addition to understanding the game pretty well, he’s just flat-out fun to be around… as I found out a couple of years ago (I’m playing the role of dishwasher at the :45 mark).  I’d love to spend some time on the court during a practice with Scal.

It’s tough to be told your career is over rather than choose for it to end on your terms.  But I think this is a nice next step for him.

(H/T: Pro Basketball Talk)

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  • Cam

    Scal used to be booed in the garden he was hoffific.

    He would often make bonehead plays too. I remember a key moment in a game during big 3 era him getting subbed in late in a close game and him fouling a player, holding onto the guys jersey and them getting free throws and the ball.

    I did think Scal played pretty admirably in 09 playoffs with KG out and Scal recovering from concussion. He was also a great team guy.

  • Yeah, Scal really had some boneheaded moments. I think he truly is a high bball IQ kind of guy, but when he wasn’t getting regular playing time he would get overexcited and do dumb things. The only time I got to see Scal play in person was in Portland in 2010. He had the weirdest turnover. There’s a crappy video of it here It was mind boggling.

    • KY Celts fan

      Ha! I remember that play. It was the first thing I thought of when John said Scal didn’t make many boneheaded moves.

      I like Scal. I always pictured him going into broadcast instead of coaching though. He’d make a great tv or radio personality.

    • Drew

      Yeah I remember that too. But It looked like Jerryd Bayless took some big old loooooong steps on his way to the bucket.

  • T Bone

    I remember just being mystified that they signed Scal for something like $5 mill per year when home-grown Bonner wanted to come here during that same free agency period for something like $1 mill per. No idea how accurate those numbers are after all this time but the price difference was staggering for such similar players.

  • Larry Legend

    The love for Scal around here is nauseating. The guy sucked pure and simple. Enough with bull shit “rah rah” Scal stuff. Tired of it. Guy was irrelevant. Completely irrelevant. I hope he coaches with Thibs that way I don’t have to see him on the jumbo tron at celts games acting like hes superman ever again.

  • Lee in Oregon

    As bad a signing as it was at the time, it wasn’t Scal who authored the contract. He never really changed though- he was okay on a good team in New Jersey, sucked on a bad team when he got to Boston, and was okay in short spurts once we got good again. I’m not sure about all the “fundamentally-sound” stuff you hear about him though…..not to kick the guy too hard or anything but he wasn’t too sound on either end of the floor, and to be honest, he was brought in as a shooter…..(which in retrospect is laughable), Good luck to him in a suit though, GO C’s!

    • Larry Legend

      Totally agree Lee

  • Drew

    He might be a good coach. But I can’t see him being respected.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Phil Jackson sucked as a player…, there`s some hope for Scal as a coach.

    • Drew

      “that’s asinine asiten aseleven asitwelve. don’t be disrespectful. That’s blasphemous. Did you just mention the great Phil Jackson and Scal in the same breath?!”

    • Larry Legend

      Phil Jackson was a much better player than Scal. Scal sucked. Whether he can coach or not who knows, but he sucked as a player.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Any paraplegic whoever returned from Iraq was a better player than Scal!

        However, Jackson was still downright sucky.

        • Jester00

          Least funniest thing said on this blog ever

  • Jester00

    Bottom line if doc has scal on the bench in game 6 vs the Lakers instead of stone hands Williams we win 18. Who would take Scal or Wahlta McC.?

  • MJ

    Hey YO Scals gonna be on CSNNE! He rejected the coaching offer!