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In the previous matchup we saw KG’s debut in the tournament.  Today’s matchup features a much louder play from KG, perhaps ranking number one on the jump-out-of-your-seat-and-scream-YEEEAAAHHHHHH play list.  KG played several monster games for the Celtics this season, but not many singlular plays were quite this loud, especially coming against the Heat, in Miami, in a clutch game in the ECF.  Check out below for the matchup.

Seed #12: KG Destroys the Rim, Game 5 ECF – There’s just under two minutes to go in a nerve-wracking, pivotal Game 5 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami.  The Celtics were making their move and were on a fast break led by Rajon Rondo.  For a split second, Miami fell asleep in transition, and the Rondo/KG combo made them pay… loudly.  Rondo stopped just around the right-side near the three-point arc and noticed KG sneaking into the lane which Moses himself couldn’t have parted any wider.  The end result? KG absolutely destroying the rim violently while James Jones makes a weak attempt at stopping KG, only to get called for the foul.  Garnett completes the 3-point play with the free throw and eventually the C’s would go on to win the game.



Seed #21: Rondo’s Sneaky Offensive Rebound vs NYK – In what was voted one of the best games of the season, the Celtics and Knicks battled in an old-school “Game of the Week” Sunday afternoon clash at the Garden (ahem, the real Garden).  In what was a wild finish, Rondo came up with a huge play, that helped seal the win along with yet another triple double.  Rondo sneaks in past Jeremy Lin (who at the time, was riding high on Linsanity), grabs the offensive rebound and puts it in.  Clutch play in a tight game that highlights one of the many fantastic aspects of Rondo’s game.  Complain all you want about his shooting, but he does so many other great things like this play, that it’s amazing how so many people continue to focus on the one negative aspect of his game.




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  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    My favorite part of the KG highlight is Lebron James reaction. Instead of picking up Garnett, he opts for the guy 30 feet from the basket. And then LBJ looks around for someone to blame.