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Video of Rajon in Taiwan

This morning’s “Dump” highlighted Rajon Rondo’s trip to Taiwan as part of a Red Bull promotion. Here’s some video of the camp he had for local high-schoolers, and people going nuts as he arrives, blanketed by security. Bonus vid here. Enjoy:

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  • Lee in Oregon

    RR leaves the rock in his ear for the clinic, I guess that’s the only place he could be sure it didn’t get ripped off…..

  • Chulinho

    Anyone speak Taiwanese?

  • Quest

    The Phillipine fans will be even crazier. Rajon will also be at the Red Bull Alcatraz Bball final N.A. tourney Sept 22. Busy guy!

  • Mang

    Not a earring, mic and earpiece

  • R

    The second film just basically says that the NBA superstar, Rajon Rondo came to Taiwan. He earns XXX Taiwan dollars(calculated) and he is leading in assisting in the league.
    He went to a high school because of Redbull company and taught some basic basketball skills. I guess that’s why he was wearing a mic.
    The film mentions that Rondo is very friendly. He even helped collect the ball and arrange the chair in the court for teaching dribbling skills.
    Lastly, why is there a weird guy kind of on top of Rondo? Because Rondo is a “strict” teacher. If the kids turned the ball over, they do pushup together.

    I don’t find the sounds funny at all, dwade. I am a die-hard Celtics fan and I am from Taiwan. Please pay some respect especially when you are commenting by using “dwade”.

  • paul

    I hope Rondo is spending more time working on his game than on Red Bull’s game…

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