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So far we’ve seen magical passes from Rondo, posterizations by Avery Bradley and Brandon Bass, and Paul Pierce taking command against ATL in the playoffs all advance to the next round of the tournament.  We have yet to hear from Kevin Garnett, but the next two matchups will feature some of his plays.  KG had an incredible renaissance year of sorts, defying the undefeated Father Time once again.  He started the season looking cooked, but after the all-star break and a move to the five spot ignited him and the team all the way to Game 7 of the ECF.  Check out below for one of his clutch plays from the playoffs.

Seed #11: KG’s Put-Back Slam vs Atlanta, Game 3 ECSF – The Celtics had tied the series with a legendary performance by Paul Pierce in Game 2.  They were playing an Atlanta team without Josh Smith, Zaza Pachulia and Al Horford and it was still a grind, still one of the ugliest playoff games you’ll ever see.  Rajon Rondo returned and played well, but it wasn’t until the final play in OT that sealed the nail-biter.  Off a hand-off, Rondo does his patented ball-fake to get his man in the air.  It worked perfectly until he missed the lay-up, but like Pierce did in Game 2, KG saved Rondo, this time with a huge follow-up slam.  That gave the Celtics the lead, and the win.


Seed #22: Rondo’s No-Look Pass to Quis, Game 3 ECF – After dropping a heart breaking Game 2 in Miami, the Celtics were in serious need of a win in Game 3.  With the game firmly in control midway through the third quarter, Rondo had a little fun with this pass, shaking a little hot sauce on it as Quis cut to the baseline.


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  • 17rings

    It seems like every ECF play I see on here celts are up double digits against the “champs”. We all know how poor the officiating was and how if just a few calls went our way in game 2 we would have knocked the heat off in 5… They didn’t even deserve to make the finals never mind win it, yet every analyst sees them as a lock to win the east again. I can’t wait to get another crack at them especially with our vastly improved team, but if David stern screws us again I’m done watching til he’s dead.

    • The Truth

      The officiating was poor during games 1 and 2, but I thought games 3-7 was a bit improved. I guess the out cry on twitter and blogs by media pundits and other athletes caught the attention of David Stern and the league. That saying till this day I still believe the Celtics had every opportunity win the series.

      With or without Bradley, Wilcox, Green and JO the Celtics had a 3-2 leading heading into game 6 with all the momentum and the pressure on Miami. But for some add reason the Celtics didn’t show up, the Heat did as well as Lebron and that was it.

      “They didn’t even deserve to make the finals never mind win it, yet every analyst sees them as a lock to win the east again”. I wouldn’t say they didn’t serve it, because that sounds like sour grapes. You don’t want to sound like Heat fans, because they usually complain when things don’t go their team’s way. I do agree as far as so-called analyst giving too much credit. I look at it like this if A depleted veteran Celtics team missing four key rotation players in Bradley, Green, Wilcox, JO. An injured Pierce(Sprained MCL) and Allen(Bone spurs). A sub-par bench unit of Ryan Hollins, Sean Williams, Greg Steimsma, Michael Pietrus, Keyon Dooling, Sasha Pavlovic, Marquis Daniels, Etwuan Moore; pushes a relatively healthy better Miami team to 7 games, then what does that say about the Heat?

      Some will make the case that Bosh was out games 1-4, but Miami won games 1 and 2 without Bosh, held their own in games 3-4, but lost game 5 when Bosh played. From a fan prospective the Celtics this season needs to be more consistent and try to stay healthy for a full 82 game season, but I doubt that will happen. lol

  • greentea#34

    You know just thinking I wasn’t at all surprise game 3 of the BOS/ATL series being close. The Celtics have a history of playing down to the competition. Without Smith, Horford or Pachulia the Celtics should of easily won. Yet that wasn’t the case and like most cases the Celtics had to grind out a win.

    For some odd reason the Celtics blowout the Hawks with Horford and Smith in the line-up.

    • Chris

      This fact eats me up. The Celtics are one of the best teams in this league, no doubt about it. But even Washington were capable of blowing out lowly teams like Sacramento and Charlotte. It’s as if our main guys know they need to step up when they go into Los Angeles or Miami or New York but they think they can simply cruise past lesser competition. That’s why opponents like the Bobcats are still in the game with 3 minutes remaining.

      I’m hoping we’ll put up some more performances like that against Orlando now that we have a bench that could take half the league’s starting 5s.

  • Jp

    I don’t see the voting box…

  • KJandHondo

    where’s the poll to vote?