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Paul Pierce AF1

KWAPT (@KWAPT) August 24, 2012 CeltKicks, Paul Pierce 15 Comments on Paul Pierce AF1

Japanese designer “Layupshot” has put together a Nike Bespoke Air Force One “Paul Pierce” tribute shoe. Bespoke, the offspring of 21 Mercer, the NYC Nikestore, offers designers the chance to customize AF1’s. Layupshot has customized this particular pair in green and white, with a cork midsole to give it that “hardwood” look. It also features Paul’s “34” and “21m” for “21 Mercer” on the heel tab. There are other personalizations that I’ve yet to decipher. This is definitely a unique shoe, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet. You can see more pics of this shoe and read-up on Layupshot on their Facebook page. Thanks to Andreas for the tip.


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  • Pino

    I am pretty sure the 9 on the tongue was Pierce’s number on team USA.

  • marcus casby

    Cold!!! How much and where do I get them

    • KWAPT

      So far, I’m hearing these are going for a cool $800-which is nuts..still trying to confirm though..

      • Pino

        That’s correct, bespoke air force 1’s are $800 customs.

  • Cray

    Shits fresh

  • 小恒


    • KWAPT

  • John rose

    9* for 9 all star selections and the other 9 is his Olympic number in Athens

    • KWAPT


      • LA Flake

        But PP is a TEN-TIME All Star.

        • KWAPT

          True indeed..good catch.

  • Love these… but I’d love them more if Pierce swiped them from Rondo and just left the 9 on them to let him know who’s boss


    Ok folks..the “9” signifies that Pierce is #9 on Layupshot’s list of 21 great NBA players. It took a while because of the language barrier, but they are making 21 pairs of 21 Mercer Bespokes. So each pair will be modeled after a great NBA player. David Robinson is the other shoe they’ve unveiled:

  • Drew

    Those are some funny looking topsiders.

  • 小恒