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Your Morning Dump… Where the new CBA and insurance issues held up Jeff Green’s contract

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

According to sources, there were several reasons for the delay in getting things done.

Green’s representative, David Falk, reported there were issues with the new collective bargaining agreement. But, in general, the parties just found the side issues were more complicated than expected once they agreed on the basic parameters of a four-year deal totaling some $36 million.

Also, according to a player source, there were insurance issues to tackle. Green missed last season after having surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm.

While doctors have told the club there is less risk to Green’s career with this procedure than if he’d had a torn meniscus in his knee — and both player and club are confident he is healthy — there were hoops to jump through with the insurance situation.

In the Celtics’ statement announcing the signing, president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said, “We are thrilled to be able to have Jeff back with the Celtics. Jeff’s versatility on offense and ability to guard players out on the perimeter is something that we are looking forward to having on the court this season.”

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I knew the snag had to be caused by insurance. The parameters of the new CBA didn’t significantly delay any of the other dozens of NBA contracts from being finalized.

My favorite part of this story… Ainge’s quote about Jeff Green’s “ability to guard players out on the perimeter.” I’m hoping Green plays 95% of his minutes at small forward. He just seems out of place at power forward.

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  • KJandHondo

    I knew it had to do with his heart and insurance. Hope he can stay healthy and provide quality minutes and rest for PP34 who desperately needs and wants it. Wish Green the best and he can prove himself.

  • KJandHondo

    Random thought: why did it take this long to get insurance issues worked out for Jeff but not Chris Wilcox who has the same health problem? Is b/c Wilcox is on a veteran minimum?

    • Matt in Maine

      I would imagine that why there was the difference between Green and Wilcox….the insurance difference between their contracts is like full coverage on a moped and a yahct

    • felix

      Maybe the health issues were not completely identical and Wilcox’ case was less severe.

  • Celtic-Longtime-Fan

    Jeff Green is definitely a SF. Only in times of extreme emergencies that he should play PF. The next priority is to see if BC can find a quality backup to Rondo.

  • Chris

    Jeff will only see time at the 4 when both teams are playing small ball. We wont see him intentionally matched up on the likes of Pau Gasol, Kevin Love, Tim Duncan or Blake Griffin. I’m looking forward to seeing how he fares with the likes of LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

  • Dj

    You say you hope he plays 95% of his minutes at SF as he seemed out of place at PF. OK so where does pierce play? Pierce will play 40 mins a game leaving only 8 mins at the SF open. if you really only want green in for 7:45 minutes at SF then where else are you playing him? are you suggesting we move pierce to PF? or SG? are you going to say well when they are out there they really arent playing positions on the offensive end. if thats the case then it doesnt matter where green plays either. just saying… I dont understand where you are coming from.

    • KJandHondo

      Celtics are bringing in Green as Pierce’s backup. He doesn’t have one if JG plays PF. Pierce is not playing 40 minutes a game. From his most recent interview, he said he would like to see his minutes go down. I think we can all agree with him. He’s not as young as he used to be and can’t carry the team for 40+ minutes. Hopefully Green can provided PP34 with the adequate rest. Our starters need the rest especially going into playoffs and to limit injuries. PP34 and KG should see their minutes cut down this season.

    • 40 minutes a game??

      Pierce played 34 this past season and with Jeff Green/Courtney Lee, Doc can put Pierce on a KG-like limited minutes plan. I would expect Pierce to play 30-32 minutes a game this year… leaving 14-16 minutes at the SF for Green and/or Lee (Lee goes to the 3 if you go small). Take into account other variations in the lineup and I’m pretty confident most of Green’s time can come at the 3

    • Brian

      Dj, no way in hell Paul plays 40 mins game. More like 30 tops. The only thing this team has to worry about is getting past Miami. They match up pretty well against most teams. They don’t need Paul to to play 40 mins. The only guy who will come close is rondo at 35. 82 games is just the warm up. It’s the next 16/28 games that really matter and I want a healthy Paul ready for that not the gimpy one we had struggle one one leg this year. Even with a healthy Paul and Bradley we could have beat the heat.

      • Dj

        I wanted to say 35 mins but did not want to look to be right. I knew he wasnt 40 mins but figured if I went under, you all would call me out. I still dont see jeff green who has been in the league 5 years, only playing 15-20 mins a game. I dont see someone making $9 million only playing that little amount.

  • PakkAttackk

    Just happy that Jeff Green is alive & I didn’t have to witness a Reggie Lewis/Len Bias.