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Jeff Green talks about surgery, the Celtics, and proving himself

Jeff Green is fresh off finalizing a new contract, believed to be somewhere in the 4-year, $38 million dollar range.  We’ve heard bits and pieces about Green as this process has gone along, but now he’s opening up a little more in an interview with

The highlights:

On what went through his mind after his diagnosis:  “So many things.  First family, my life… basketball came last… It was tough.”

On how the sense of mortality changed his view on life:  “It changed a lot.  I view things differently now.  I don’t take a lot of things for granted… It was a life changing moment.”

On his recovery process:  “It was like starting from scratch.  Basically, I felt like I learned how to walk again, run, breathe.  Everything… I had to re-learn different functions of my body.”

On the Celtics during this ordeal:  “They searched high and low for the best doctor, for the best clinic to go to have the procedure.. everything that I needed to make this procedure easy for myself…. at first I didn’t want this surgery because I didn’t want this long scar, I didn’t want to miss the season, or have to deal with the recovery stages of it.  And they made it so every step of the way it was going to be easy.  I give them all the credit for who I am now and what I’ve become because without them, who knows where my mind would be.”

There’s much more, including his last quote where he says “I have a lot to prove” when he was asked about coming back and being more assertive.  He also talks about supporting his teammates throughout the entire process.

I have two quick takeaways from this:

1:  I applaud the Celtics organization for not treating its players like pieces of meat that are interchangeable.  They are certainly willing to do business and make tough moves (see:  Perkins, Kendrick) but they aren’t a cold, heartless organization.  That means something to players around the league.  Not only did they support Green through a difficult time, they showed free agents around the league that they care about their players.

2:  Jeff Green is aware of the things we are all saying.  He knows the “ifs” as well as any of us.  I like what I heard from him about taking advantage of his time off to observe where he could help.  I think the year off, while obviously difficult, could be the blessing in disguise that he mentioned in the interview.

He came to Boston in the middle of a season and joined a team that was dealing with the heart-wrenching loss of a guy they loved.  He spent a few months trying to catch on but he never really could.  Now he’s gotten a year-long process to become part of this team and fully understand where he fits.

The ifs still exist.  This contract might be a mistake.  But there is enough there… the youth, the willingness to learn, the time to figure out the system, the renewed outlook on life… to make me think he’s got a much better shot at living up to this deal than many people think.

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  • PakkAttackk

    Obviously after Jeff Green being alive, I’m happy he said that he looked at places to improve other than scoring. This contract may be a bit much but like you said the potential is there.

  • RedsLoveChild

    David Falk—-1

    Danny Ainge—0

  • @vandell78

    Say what you will, I hope the naysayers have big appetites …… JG will make them eat alot, if not every single word. Welcome back JG !!!!

  • jbsuarez

    Giving Green a big deal was the best way for Danny Ainge to create a big, expiring contract in the off-season following what is believed to be KG’s last year. When you consider the team’s contracts and salary cap situation, they had few other options to do so.

    At $9.5ish million, pairing Green with a few young players and draft picks could be enough to net a max deal player in a trade with a team looking to rebuild in 2015. It could also be enough to bring back a deal even worse than Green’s and a lottery pick, if there is such a thing available three years from now.

    They’ve already used up their MLE on Terry for the next three years, and since they’re over the cap, they can only spend up to the luxury cap on players they are re-signing or extending.

    Look at the roster — regardless of the deal they gave Green (or even did not give him a deal at all), the Celtics would have been over the cap this year and next year, assuming they pick up Pierce’s extension (they will).

    We haven’t heard a lot about the value of expiring contracts in the last year or so, but in a couple of years, we’ll hear about them a lot. Teams are log-jamming themselves with max deals now. As the luxury tax becomes more punitive we’re going to see more teams fighting to stay under it. Expiring contracts will be worth a lot in 2015.

  • greenbeand

    great attitude, but for the same money perk is a beast

    • Richard

      I agree with Larry Legend.

      Perkins is just simply not what we make him out to be.

  • Larry Legend

    Perk is one of the most overrated Celtics of all time…a beast? Hell no. Not even close. He plays hard that’s it. Very limited athletically. Can’t score. Complains about every call. I dunno what jeff green is or will be but I do know that perk is just a “guy”. Guy played with 4 future HOFers all he had to do was anchor down and be a big body. Stop making him out to be more important than he was.

    • greenbeand

      i’m guessing you supported the cp3 trade too? just take into consideration how the celtics lost games since his departure- we lack a true center where teams no longer fear us as a physical team.. perk did all the ugly intangibles to compliment fundamental team basketball.

      • Larry Legend

        Actually no I did not. I think Rondo is best pure PG in NBA. As for Perk there is and was, no reason to give Perk that kind of money. None. Talk about overpaid. Perk is a liability in many situations on the court. I appreciate his toughness but the fact is he is average at best. He’s stout and plays hard. That’s it. And the celts were getting killed on the boards with Perk. It’s part philosophy(defensive) and part no truly good rebounders except for Rondo who is 6’1″. In fact I don’t think Perk ever averaged more than 7 reb/gm. Far from a beast. Sorry bro. Couldn’t even play him in thd 4th qtr!!! But hey he’s a beast alright…cmon man

  • Larry Legend

    Perk was leaving in FA and no way in hell should the celts have paid what OKC did. Mine as well get something for him. Why can’t people understand that? But thanks Richard someone with some objectivity. Go Celts!!! Really pumped for this season.