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GreenLight Madness: #9 Seed vs #24 Seed

Two of the latest matchup winners featured two posterizations of franchise players as the opposition.  Avery Bradley’s ownage of Kevin Durant and Brandon Bass’ humiliation of Dwyane Wade in Game 7 both advanced quite easily to the sweet sixteen.  Today’s matchup features one of the few compilations, but it absolutely had to make it since it was huge at the time.  Paul Pierce took the Celtics on his back in Game 2 in the first round at Atlanta and tied the series at 1-1.  His play was clutch and it was his entire game, not a single play that did it.  Going against him is the man he was covering for in Game 2, due to a suspension: Rajon Rondo.  It was one of Rondo’s great passes of the season and it came against a team that usually gives them headahces, the Chicago Bulls.

Seed #9: Pierce Takes Command of Game 2 at ATL and Kills the Hawks – The Celtics made a valiant comeback in Game 1 at Atlanta and had all the momentum in the end until Bass fought for a loose ball, trying to get a jump ball called.  When official Marc Davis called Bass for a foul, Rondo lost his mind and his composure, bumping into Davis.  He got ejected, the Celtics lost and then Rondo got suspended for Game 2.  Already playing without the injured Ray Allen, Pierce borrowed Dr. Brown’s DeLorean and drove it to Philips Arena.  Turning back the clock with a vintage performance, Captain Clutch took command of Game 2 as well as the series with a legendary performance.

Seed #24: Rondo’s Between-the-Legs Bounce Pass to Wilcox – Just another routine nationally televised Sunday showcase game on ABC for Rondo.  Registering a triple double against the Bulls, Rondo highlighted the game with this pass to Wilcox on the break.  Granted, this was one of many games that Derrick Rose missed, but this play still will be replayed on highlight reels for quite some time.


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