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ESPN has the Celtics 10 games behind Miami

These are the predictions of 100 ESPN analysts and bloggers.

50 wins is a fair projection for a Celtics team that doesn’t play for the regular season (2007-08 excluded). But with the depth they’ve stockpiled this off-season, I think the Celtics could be good for 54-55 wins this season.

Before you blow a gasket about Miami being ten games better, remember the Heat were 7 games better than Boston last season. Even with LeBron at the top of his game, I think the Heat are ripe for a championship hangover season. Playing preseason games in China won’t help them, either.

I’m curious to see the Western conference projections. I’m sure many will predict the Lakers to win 80 games.

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  • Brian

    This moron has them pegged for even less wins.

    Anything over 50 is enough to get the 3 seed. I think with the roster they have just south of 60 seems about right, 58 maybe. But 50 no way, 46 hell no.

  • Sam

    There’s no way the 2nd seeded team in the East has only 50 wins. The East isn’t THAT weak.

    The Celtics and Pacers should #2 and #3 in some order, but I think they’ll both win closer to 55 wins than 50.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Fab Melo is the key.

    If he exceeds expectations, and becomes a true defensive/rebounding force in the paint…the Celtics will soar!

    If not…they will continue to be abused on the boards, and be a pseudo-contender only.

    • sev

      i don’t think fab melo is key at all. I think he is a project and will get very little playing time. If any rookie is going to be “the key” its Sullinger, and he can rebound better than Fab. Fab can block shots, but aside from that there isn’t any part of his game that is better than Sullingers. KG, Wilcox, Bass, Collins, Sullinger and Green will get almost, if not all of the front court playing time. I believe Sullinger was drafted with realistic hopes of contributing this season, whereas Fab was drafted with the consensus that he would be a project, but the potential is there. I don’t think realistic celtic fans should expect anything from Fab this season, especially with all the new players that will need to be integrated. Now if there are injuries he may be forced to play and might do some good things, but with the potential to play small ball and the surprise play of Wilcox last year, Doc will already have a 9/10 man rotation.

      • Reggie35RIP

        Agree. Fab’s only getting garbage minutes where available.

        Although here’s hoping he gets good quick. An athletic big is just what we need.

      • Chris

        You’re bang on. Fab is the key to Maine perhaps, but bench chemistry and the health of our big 3 are the keys. Just putting it out there – if Rondo or KG are injured for any length of time, we’re in trouble.

        While I’m at it, Sullinger as a key may be of vital importance to keeping KG’s minutes down. This was impossible the last 2 years because we couldn’t keep terrible teams like Charlotte and Toronto away while he sat. I don’t think that will be a problem this season.

    • PakkAttackk

      I’ve read some crazy thinga but Fab Melo being the key & difference between C’a being real contenders or pseudo contenders is at the top.

      • RedsLoveChild

        If Fab fails to exceed expectations…expecting the Celtics to contend for a ring is pure fantasy.

        • Reggie35RIP

          lol, expecting Melo to have any sort of impact on the team this season is pure fantasy.

          Hopefully he can meet, or exceed the expectations of him ie. playing a couple of minutes a game and not fucking up too much.

          Thankfully the hopes of the Celtics don’t hinge on how Melo performs. o_O

  • KJandHondo

    We just hired a new coach but I’m curious who coaches the big men for our team? We need that. Sullinger has a post-game that we desperately need but Bass has no post-game whatsoever. We need a big men coach to work with Fab Melo, Sullinger and Bass. We need rebounding help and an interior presence. Right now we’re small.

  • LBromann

    What about Philly? They were already a tough team and adding Bynum was a huuuuuge step. I’m looking for them to be a lot better then people think this year.

  • Chuck Conti

    Anybody think it will take a while for the new guys to fit in? Maybe the Celts will be ten games behind Miami…. before winning it all in June.

  • Lee in Oregon

    55 is about right, in a much improved division…..I think the one thing they’ll want is to finish 2nd or 3rd seed so they don’t have to see miami till conference finals. Go C’s!

    • Drew

      This always goes either way with older teams. Whether or not the C’s get rid of a higher seed early in the play offs or later is a debate we tend to have each and every year that no one seems to agree on. I say get em early and in 5-6 games to hopefully rest up for the ECF and play a less talented opponent.

  • hebertofnh

    I think writers are really understating how good a backcourt foursome of Rondo-Lee-Jet-Bradley is. That’s the deepest, most versatile, and three of them are all-nba defensive talents. Add that w/ Green(exceedingly underrated finished, yall will see), Sully(lord of the boards) , Bass, Wilcox and Collins helping to ease Garnett’s load, and I see a 55-59 win team that will boast the league’s #1 and a much better offensive efficiency. The D was enough last year to go all the way, but I think adding Lee, Terry especially, Sully-rebs, and the injured guys can get us to the top in a best case, limited injury season

  • hebertofnh

    *League’s #1 Defense* I meant to type.

  • BostonBlows

    Why does any of this even matter? We all know the Lakers are gonna win the title this year, it is as inevitable as death. You’re welcome for saving your time.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Hate to say it, but you`re right.

      LA is by far the best team in the NBA. Nobody else is even remotely close!

      • Drew

        Have some pride…………

        • RedsLoveChild

          Accept reality….

      • That’s sarcasm, right?

        • RedsLoveChild

          Gasol, Kobe, Howard, Nash, Jamison, Artest….

          I hate it as much as anyone…but, LA will get their 20th banner before the Celtics raise #18.

          • That’s pushing it. You realize that Nash and Kobe have each been in the league 16 years. The Lakers aren’t winning 3 in a row and neither Nash nor Kobe will hang around for four more years. Yes, the Lakers have a very good starting 5, but the lineup is not without holes, and the competition to get to their “20th banner” is quite stiff.

          • RedsLoveChild

            LA is owned by a family {Buss} that is 100% committed to surpass the Celtics…and have proven that they are willing to spend whatever it takes to complete their “mission”.

            Kobe is not your typical 34 year old, he has 3 more good years left in his tank.

            Howard is 26. When Kobe and/or Gasol are done, Buss will spend whatever is needed to surround Howard with the very best FA talent on the market.

            LA will NOT rest until the Celtics are in their rear-view mirror. Period.

          • Now you’re just speaking abstractly. Yeah, Kobe might have 3 good years left. He might not. After 16 years, you just don’t know. And what about the rest of the team? And the bench? And the CBA that will limit even the Lakers? It’s a new financial world.

          • RedsLoveChild

            When presented with the Larry O`Brien trophy, minutes after winning the 2009 championship, Buss` kid said on TV what everyone already knew…”The goal is to surpass Boston”.

            Whether Kobe is there when it happens does not matter. Buss will simply surround D-Howard with whoever is the top talent at that time.

            Over the long haul, Boston simply does not have the resouces {or nice weather} to compete with LA in the battle to get to Ring #20.

            I wish this wasn`t the case…but it is what it is.

          • My goal is to have sex with Kate Upton. Doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

            Again, you’re speaking abstractly, and you fail to take into account the CBA and it’s extreme penalties for excessive taxpaying. Even the Buss family and the money LA makes will have to face the reality of paying nearly $100 million for just six players in a couple of years… and that’s if they’re paying Kobe, Nash, and Dwight.

            Future business will be done differently. And I’m not going to be naive and say the Lakers won’t win future titles. I’m just saying your contention that the Lakers and their stated goal of surpassing Boston isn’t going to be as easy as you think. I don’t know who’ll get to 20 titles first… but I do know enough to see that saying they’re getting 20 so flippantly is a mistake. Hell, I still like Oklahoma City over them right now.

          • RedsLoveChild

            The Lakers` record setting cable TV deal with Time Warner kicks in this year.

            Three BILLION dollars {$3,000,000,000.00} over 20 years.

            You think they give a crap about paying a stupid luxury tax?

    • zippittyay

      Lakers out in the 2nd round.

  • Drew

    Lakers go 30-52 to secure the 11th spot and become first super team to miss the play offs after Kobe blows his knee out, Nash dies of old age, Artest kills a guy for looking at him weird, Dwight breaks his back trying to swat a Pierce lay up. And Gasol proceeds to have a mental break down. I know what I’m talking about.

    • Lakers4Life

      Your comment is the only one that makes sense on here clearly..