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Your Morning Dump… where Kobe embarrassed Chinese celebrities

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Sprite China 2nd Annual Charity Basketball game was a ton of fun. We played two 15 min halves with a running clock. I watched from the bench for the first half. We were trailing by 9 when I was notified that fans via text can choose a team to add 20 additional points to their tally!!! We were now down 29!! I wanted to play it cool but what the heck, the place was packed with fans who’d sang an early happy birthday to me and really wanted to watch me go to work. My teammates were down. They are all singers/actors and do not play ball much AT ALL, but they are very successful at what they do hence they are VERY competitive. They asked if I could bring them back in the second half..

I didn’t want to disappoint them or the fans that had paid their hard earned money for a show so I took the challenge of really using the second half as a training session for my stamina. I ran and ran and ran. I wound up scoring 68 in the 2nd and we won. Like I said, they are not basketball players by any stretch of the imagination. I was just having fun with all of them and loved hearing the crowd enjoy the show we put on.

Kobe Bryant’s Facebook page (via Pro Basketball Talk)

Follow the Pro Basketball Talk link for a different video of this if the one embedded doesn’t work.  Sometimes these videos from Chinese sites are really slow.

This is going to be one of those videos you see all day long.  It’ll start on First Take and end up on Sports Nation and then some loudmouth afternoon drive radio show host somewhere will yap about it for a while.

Kobe dropped 68 points in 15 minutes of play against a bunch of people who, as he says, aren’t basketball players by any stretch of the imagination.  So this video should be called: “This is what happens when an NBA star tries against regular people.

I’ve always wanted to see just how good these guys really are.  I mean, I’ve played a little ball in my time, but I’ve never faced a Kobe-level player.  I’d love to see just how much better they are then actual human beings.  I’d love to spend five minutes on the floor with a fully-amped Kevin Garnett.

And for those of you wondering… yes, this is the most interesting thing out there right now… unless you want to hear Jason Terry guarantee a championship for the 50th time in 2 weeks.  Plus, it’s Monday, you’re tired, and you don’t want to be at work.  Take your hatred out on Kobe in the comments with some over-the-top irrational hatred to blow off some of that “I wish it was still the weekend” angst.

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  • chris

    Nash and Dwight should take notice – this is what they’ve signed on for. Only the skill level of the opponent will change. Well, unless they’re playing Charlotte or Orlando.

  • Gay-no Rufino

    Same thing that happened last year at araneta when kobe reinforced the team made up of Filipino college kids in the second half of a blowout game, but kobe’s team still LOST because they were against the Philippine team (not chinese celebs) that time.

  • Lakers4Life

    I figured this would be a story on here lol

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  • factorx691

    Kobe could’ve been a bit more un-selfish but a 29pt deficit to win is still impressive vs. n00bs or not.

    • Chris

      I don’t think anyone would deny it’s impressive. But if you’ve seen footage of the game, you’ve seen it was a cherry picking contest where there were rarely more than three players back on defense. It was good to see what an NBA talent is capable of against mere mortals, But I cringed at some of the threes jacked up and some of the dunks over teammates who’d been open under the basket.

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