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The 2012 lockout shortened season may have left us with fewer regular season games and thus fewer opportunities to witness some amazing plays.  Rajon Rondo didn’t need the full 82 however, to give us several artistic passes.  It’s no exaggeration that I could have created a 64-play tournament of Rondo passes alone, but the best of the best made this list.  Perhaps none were better than this pass vs the Utah Jazz.  It is nothing short of magical and will rank as one of his best ever.  Matching up against this pass are a couple of dunks by the “old man” Paul Pierce.  They aren’t just any dunks mind you, they came at a time where we all thought the captain’s knee was too injured for him to be effective at all in the playoffs.  He proved he could still get up there, and did it loudly.

Seed #8 – Rondo’s Magical Pass to Bass vs Utah: There are artists in many, many fields of work out there.  There are sculptors, painters, musicians, film makers and then there are athletes.  Some athletic skills are more artistic than others, and Rondo is the Da Vinci of the hardwood.  Watch him paint a picture of a beautiful assist.

Seed #25 – Pierce’s Dunks @ PHI (G3 ECSF PHI) – During the previous series against the Hawks, Paul Pierce mysteriously sprained his knee during a morning shoot-around.  With the team already decimated by injuries, there was a legitimate scare about Pierce’s knee.  After splitting the first two games at home against the Sixers, the Celtics came out on a mission in Game 3, in Philly and loudly took back the home court advantage (which, as it turned out, they absolutely needed).  These dunks by Pierce allowed all C’s fans to breathe a sigh of relief just as he shouted.


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