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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics invited Cincy thug Yancy Gates to training camp

Former UC forward Yancy Gates will begin his professional career in Lithuania, UC coach Mick Cronin said Thursday.

“He passed up an opportunity to go to camp with the Boston Celtics,” Cronin said, “but because it was a non-guaranteed contract, he decided to go to Lithuania. He’s got guaranteed money. If he goes to Boston, and doesn’t make the team, now somebody else takes the job in Lithuania. He’s got a great contract.”

Cronin said playing in a high-level league in Lithuania could be a path for Gates to eventually make it to the NBA.

“He’s still young,” Cronin said. “He’s 22 years old, so it’s a great opportunity. Many guys have taken that route. It’s a good chance for him to develop as a professional and get some money in the bank.”

Gates was suspended 6 games for the cheap shot (42 second mark of video) that floored Xavier’s Kenny Frease during a game last December.

He’s a real talent.  A big man who can defend and rebound. But it’s the questionable character that prevented him from being drafted in the NBA.

I’m glad Gates took the money and went to Lithuania. Maybe he’ll mature and develop some professional work habits.

(h/t Slam Online)

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  • thetitleisours

    I don’t know. i would take a flyer on him. Worth a shot to see if he can mature.

    “”A lot of the fans see me get mad in a game and they think, ‘There he goes again, he’s thinking about himself,'” Gates said. “Really, it’s just competitiveness. I hate losing. I get mad if I’m losing in the middle of a pickup game. So I want people to know how competitive I am and how unselfish I am on the court. I’m happy if I don’t score and we win rather than if I get 20 and we lose. I think that’s something a lot of fans don’t know.”

  • danii

    no diss…but just wondering if you would have used the term, “thug” if he was a white player…hmmmmm

  • Glas

    White players are called thugs too. Bill Laimbeer comes to mind, Jack Sikma and Kurt Rambis as well.

  • zippittyay

    yes, then he would be a ‘lumbering oaf mental case’.

  • kg

    He might be the next k perkins


    Great, a bit of Thug Life @ the Celtics would be good for business. Take it back SF Bay Area mobb style.