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C’s to finally make Green deal official?

According to the Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn, the Jeff Green deal could be official next week:

*UPDATE* 10:20pm The fine folks over at CelticsBlog just alerted me to the fact that Washburn has since deleted this tweet. It could mean nothing, but it’s certainly interesting.  Stay tuned….   –KWAPT

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  • PakkAttackk

    I wonder if it’s still the same deal. Maybe Danny lowered the contract? Who knows, but I’m glad it’s about to be official soon.

    • KWAPT


  • MJ

    Good. Now we can focus on that last spot. Anyone else besides me want to see Quisy back in Green?

    • Lantrell Walker

      I think we’re good as is at the SF position with Green playing 22 minutes a game and Kris Joseph as a 3rd string SF. I would suspect DA adds another piece around the trade deadline when some good players get cut, that is if he isn’t trying right now to get Birdman or K-Mart right now.

    • KWAPT

      *raises hand* There aren’t many of us, but I’ve always liked Quis.

      • Chulinho

        I agree. If Joseph or Christmas don’t make the final cut, I wouldn’t mind having him back. Daniels is a decent role player and stout defender and would come cheap. Any three of those guys probably wouldn’t see a lot of floor time anyway. If it’s just to fill out the roster I’m not against, though I’d prefer another big.

    • Craig

      I’d rather have Christmas take the last spot personally. Maybe have him play point instead of Dooling.

    • 17rings

      how can you guys want marquis back? He’s only good for flexin, Id rather let a rook like Joseph get a chance. Idk what it is about marquis but he hasnt looked comfortable or confident on the floor since his neck injury.

      • MJ

        Really? You didn’t watch game 4 where Quisy was arguably why we tied the series? I’m not saying Quisy should get minutes. All the small forward minutes are going to Pierce and Green. No questions asked. Quis should be a failsafe in case we have injuries. Knowing this team, thats probably going to happen. Plus he’s more suitable for it than Mickael Pietrus because he’s been the failsafe before. Daniels is still a capable defender against Lebron and Wade and can give good offense in spurts. Not to mention he’s been on the team for three years now and knows the system. Marquis, Keyon, and Collins are all ideal utility players.

  • Awake

    Raja Bell!!!!! Plays good defense!!! Hates Kobe!!!

  • Jack

    he posted it again, this time with i different link.

  • agent 0

    what if we got Gilbert Arenas as back-up pg. He is good and he would have very good influence around him, so gun in the locker room. He is better than Dooling.

  • Vince

    I would rather add Pietrus and when Bradley returns see if we want to keep Pietrus or Christmas. With the signing of Green and the progress with Joselph, I don`t think that Quis is needed on this team although I think he did ok for us last year.

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