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No one really knows what to expect from Jeff Green

Jeff Green is the subject of today’s Summer Forecast on ESPN Boston. Here’s my take on expectations for JG:

Chuck McKenney, Red’s Army

I’m expecting a lot from Green and that’s because Danny Ainge seemingly outbid the entire NBA with the reported four-year contract valued somewhere around $32-36 million. I’m begging anyone to show me a rumor that involved another team willing to give Green anything close to the deal he’s supposed to sign in Boston. Let’s move on to the facts. Green struggled mightily in the 26 games he played for Boston in 2011. He was passive and out of sync. Last season was supposed to be his redemption, but he was forced to have heart surgery. Fortunately, all signs point to Green being heart healthy this year. There might be some rust, but he’ll shake it off in camp. For the Celtics to make another deep playoff run, Green must contribute consistent offense (15-17 points per game) off the bench. I think he can do that. The real questions about Green come in the next two to three years — as Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett fade, is Green capable of carrying the torch? Yikes.

The one common thread among the panel – uncertainty. Nobody knows how much of a factor Jeff Green will be on this team. There is agreement that for the Celtics to be rock solid title contenders, Green must perform at a relatively high level.

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  • zippittyay

    15-17 points a game off the bench?? That would make him hands down, unanimous Sixth Man of the Year in the NBA, especially on a defensive team like the Cs. If he averages double digits and 23-25 minutes a game, We will be ecstatic.

    • Chuck

      I’m thinking he gets almost 30 mpg. Doc needs to seriously manage PP’s minutes this year.

      Maybe more like 15 ppg… forget the 17.

      • zippittyay

        I have been begging to keep PP, KG (and RA) at about 30 mins a game for a couple of years now. Doc keeps saying he will keep their minutes down but never seems to do it..

    • RA_PapaIrish

      The Celtics offense will be leaps and bounds ahead of what it has been in the past. Theyre going to play at a faster pace and score a ton more points & it’s not unfeasable that Jeff green is our leading scorer for the year IMO

  • rev

    i really, really like this team, i think, once bradley is back, we will have our starting line-up from last year that took us to a game 7 in the ecf, our bench will be way better imo. I thought Ray needed to many screens to get open anyway, he’ll be deadly for miami as he’ll get left open on drives by james or wade though. Anyhow, i think jet and lee give us some perimeter shooting and more ability to create and play various offenses, add a healthy green and a solid sulinger and that’s one helluva second unit. Not sayin we’ll take the chip, cause it all depends on health basically, but i like our chances better than last year, and last year we were close with an injured squad, just sayin 🙂

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’ve been a big critic of Jeff Green these past couple years, I really hope he has a great year and can live up to the pressure of this deal (and not end up an amnesty case). Part of me still wonders if David Falk doesn’t have some incriminating photos of DA. Go C’s!

    • Lkk23

      I don’t think he could be amnestied, I think only players that were signed under the last CBA are candidates…I could be wrong tho

      • Chuck – Red’s Army

        You are correct.

  • greenbeand

    it’s one thing to “really like” the team, but how do the c’s match-up (right now) against the lakers, okc, miami, etc. every team got better.. did danny do enough to improve? lacking a true center concerns me

    • rev

      i feel we match up pretty good against miami, don’t feel like miami has added a new dimension to their team, they basically just got better at what they already did, lebron and wade will drive to the basket or kick it out to find the open shooter with great ball movement. I think with a healthy avery we can get to em, KG has to dominate against miami.

      Lakers are tougher with dwight and Pau, but i have confidence in a healthy kg to even out pau and we’ll just throw a lot of bodies at howard who can’t shoot free throws. we’ll be ok in the backcourt as rondo will blow by nash every time and avery can contain bryant a little bit.

      thunder worry me also, we won’t be able to stop durant at all

      • Sev

        yea although we do have a lot of athletic wings now to match up with OKC. Avery and rondo on westbrook, pierce and green on durant, and courtney and terry on harden. I think we match up better against the heat than we do the lakers because of their front court, but our depth is far and away better than the lakers so it kind of evens out.

  • adam

    maybe he wasn’t playing up to par because of the heart condition. In a previous interview Green said he hasn’t felt this great in a long time. Let’s hope with this heart issue behind him he can be the player we all think he is.

  • tim

    I said this two years ago going into the playoffs and I beleive it to be right again this year. I feel Green should start along rondo so rondo has somebody to get into the fastbreak with. Rondo and Green would make eachother better by able to run with eachother and feed off eachother in the fast break. Rondo’s at his best when he runs and if i remebr from two years ago one of jeff green’s best asset was his speed in transition. Then when Paul Pierce comes off the bench as the 6th man he can carry the bench with leadership and scoring threat. Not only would pierce be able to get many more shots up playing with th 2nd unit out of neccesity but he would also be playing aginst bench players which would is scary to think about it. Now maybe this was ablow to ray ray’s confidence coming off the bench but i feel like Pierce as captian would do anything to make this team better and I think this would make them better. Of coruse in the last 5 minutes you can sub Pierce right back in if doc wants

    • rev

      give green couple more years off the bench, if he can get 12-15 ppg, we can talk about starting him, the captain will get 30+ minutes, anyway

    • Lee in Oregon

      He’s done nothing to earn a starter’s spot. If he goes Avery Bradley and actually shows us something, and Paul becomes a liability (like Ray did), I’d be ok with it. He’s already been handed a great deal for doing nothing, I’m not ready to hand him a position he hasn’t shown he can handle, at least yet.

      • tim

        It’s not about what hes done or what he desevers. its about what makes the team better and more explosive. On a pure basketball mindset rondo is better when he is forcing it in transistion, paul pierce is slow and not as mobile anymore. Jeff Green is documented as a a great transistion player. It would help rondo out by a huge amount bc as any celtic fan should know rondo is at his best in transition. By putting them together you speed up the game tenfold and give them both the ability to do something they are good at. PLUS then you get PAUL PIERCE THE TRUTH coming in around 6-4 left in the first quarter. Finally a scoring option off the bench, finally some leadership and someone who can control the ball, this would actually get Pierce more shots because he wouldnt have to defer shots like he would in the starting line up. I mean it works for the spurs without manu I think it would improve the team greatly. it would make rondo and jeff green’s game more efficient because theyre games are suited to the fastbreak so they could feed off each other. Then when the bench comes in we have PAUL PIERCE THE TRUTH THE CAPTIAN to anchor the team and score the ball. Id still give pierce 30 minutes but its more about getting more from the players that you have.

        • ReggieRIP35

          There’s no way an unproven player like Green starts over PP. But there will obviously be opportunity for Green and Rondo to be on the court at the same time.

          I can see a lineup of Rondo, Lee, Green, Sullinger and Wilcox. At least with Rondo running the point with the second unit he can get people where they need to be.

        • ReggieRIP35

          Also Green REALLY needs to prove himself before he even gets a sniff of a starting role. Sure Green might be good on paper, but what has he really done since becoming a Celtic? No coach in his right mind benches a player like PP in favour of Green.

          Your argument is pretty ridiculous when it’s all said and done. Starting Green because it will benefit Rondo’s transition game and get Pierce more shots with the second unit? Rondo doesn’t need any help with his game – also he will have either Bradley or Lee to run with him. And Pierce will get his shots regardless.

          Bottom line, Green doesn’t start for AT LEAST another two seasons – unless PP gets injured or retires. And within the next two seasons he’s really going to have to prove he’s worthy of taking PP’s starting gig. In all honesty I don’t see Green starting until PP retires.

          • tim

            Ridiculous idea??? how so.. jeff green’s played in the league for the past 4 or 5 years ive seen what ive had to see out of him. rondo doesn’t nee to improve his game??? i dont no what celtics team u were watching but rondo efintly has his flaws.If u actually watch games and arent just a stat geek then ud see rondo plays better when he pushes the ball and jeff green is a fastbreak player. its not like green woul be alone out their in the starting lineup hed still have rondo bradly(who runs the fast break well) kg ( who runs the fastbreak extremely well for a big) and bass. PAUL PIERCE ON THE BENCH WHAT THATS PREPOSTERIOUS!?!?! i no its a radical idea but come on how can u even say the team team wouldnt benefit if the the captain was the anchor of the 2n unit. He gets more shots up in the long run and he provides leadership and a scoring option to the bench i can see no negatives from this. Then if u want to close with paul you just sub right to get him into the game the last 4 minutes. once again i clearly think this team on a pure basketball sense would play much better together if doc was to do this.

          • Reggie35RIP

            I don’t know what you’ve seen of Green that I haven’t. What I have seen of him I know that he’s not going to challenge Pierce for his spot in the starting lineup this season.

            Lets just briefly recap Green’s time with the C’s. He’s played a total of 26 games for the C’s. His averages were 9.8ppg, 3.3rpg, 0.7apg, 0.5spg, 0.6bpg in 23.5mpg. He didn’t play at all last season due to an aortic aneurysm which required surgery…

            And you want to put him straight into the starting lineup over the captain of the team who is a proven

          • Reggie35RIP

            I don’t know what you’ve seen of Green that I haven’t. But what I have seen of him isn’t going to be enough to challenge Pierce for his spot in the starting lineup this season.

            Lets just briefly recap Green’s time with the C’s.

            He’s played a total of 26 games for the C’s. His averages were 9.8ppg, 3.3rpg, 0.7apg, 0.5spg, 0.6bpg in 23.5mpg. He didn’t play at all last season due to an aortic aneurysm which required major surgery…

            And you want to put him straight into the starting lineup next season over the captain of the team? Someone who – last season – was the leading scorer, 4th in rebounds, 2nd in assists, 2nd in 3ptm, and 2nd in steals? And was pivotal to us getting deep into the post season?

            I’m sorry, but Jeff Green starting in-place of PP does not make the team better. There’s nothing you can do or say that will convince me of this. It just makes no sense whatsoever. And there’s no way that either DA or Doc will do this. One does not simply replace the leading scorer on the team with a guy that didn’t even play one game the previous season.

            Green’s rehabbing from surgery, getting back into game shape. And is going to have to shake off the rust of not playing for an entire season. He’s going have to get back up to game speed. There are a myriad of things a player needs to do after major surgery to get back into form.

            And I didn’t say Rondo doesn’t need to IMPROVE his game, I said Rondo doesn’t need HELP with his game. Meaning he doesn’t need to rely on a few easy transition plays to be effective. I’m pretty sure he can survive without Green running the fast-break with him. He does just fine in the half court and running the break with the starting lineup they already have. And as you stated yourself there are plenty of other players in the starting lineup that can already run the fast-break with him. They don’t need one more.

            Also I watched almost every game last season. You shouldn’t make things up about people so you have something to base your argument on. And you called me a “stat geek”? Thank you.

            Also, I can say the team wouldn’t benefit from the captain anchoring the second unit because the team would suffer without him anchoring the starting unit. Paul Pierce is not a sixth man. He’s a starter. Always has been and probably always will be until he retires. I’m pretty sure Celtics management aren’t paying PP $15+ mil a season to come off the bench. If PP’s game ever falls off sharply, then we can start talking about him coming off the bench. Until then he starts.

            In summary, you are wrong. What you’re saying doesn’t make any basketball sense. And it will not happen, so this is a pointless debate.

  • Jeff did seem out of place in the beginning when he first got to Boston. Even KG has said Boston has a very hard sytem to intergrate so i can see why he was struggling at first, but i also saw those sparks that you can tell when a player is going to be great, I saw it in Jeff, and when Bradley was a rookie and didnt even play I could just look at the kid and tell he was going to be great. Great coaches have great instinct, great managers have great instinct. I remember Doc saying when Danny showed him the film on Rondo he started laughing but Danny knew Rondo was gonna be great, and now look at Rondo, so I think thats what they see in Jeff its an honor for an organization to put out that kind of cash to a player who has yet to prove himself, but I think like i have always thought that he will be well worth the money, for that type of money he is now part of Boston’s future.

  • Jim

    Doc,Danny and the other coaches have obviously seen things from Jeff that we haven’t and have a lot of faith in him to offer that deal.I’m worried that the the pressure is on him to hit the ground running,produce now, no more excuses about systems ,fitness or health and the weight of expectations might crack him.

  • eddysamson

    I really dont see Green starting off the season well. But dont get me wrong, I believe he will find his place and his confidence around all-star time and start producing up to expectations. TBH it will probably be a lot like Bradley last year! At least I hope so anyways!!

  • RedsLoveChild

    31.2 PPG {.382 FG%}

  • Lantrell Walker

    Call me crazy if you like, but I see Jeff Green as our X-factor this year. Because he’s so offensively skilled, Doc can afford to limit Pierce to 26 minutes a game, which will for sure keep his legs fresh for the 4th quarter of big games in the playoffs. Jeff Green’s production at both ends could mean the difference between the Conference Finals & the NBA Finals.

  • Chris

    Keep in mind that Jeff Green has never played a game after a full Celtic training camp. I would think that a Thunder camp 2 years ago would be worlds apart from their camp now, let alone with the Celtics.

    To say he needs to score even 15ppg off the bench is absurd. With Lee and Terry in the mix, once AB is back I would suggest that we’d be aiming for 35-40 bench points per night (A huge improvement but very attainable with the personnel). So he probably needs to be a 10-12ppg player who is capable of dropping 25+ on occasion. This bench won’t struggle to score, and with the likelihood that Terry’s 15ppg wont dip too much, Green won’t feel the pressure to score as much as he did in his first 26 games in green.

  • celts4life

    how awesome would it be if green just came in and outperformed everyone and put up 25 8? i can dream can’t i……….haha

  • Matthew

    I’m thinkin stat line apx. 25 min per game: 11ppg 4rpg 2apg