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NBA 2K13 finally lets Christian Laettner get some Dream Team burn

The Dream Team.

The greatest team ever assembled.

A collection of some of the greatest players to ever play the game.

….. and Christian Laettner.

Well, the Dookie can finally get some burn for the Dream Team… if you get the new NBA 2K13 game.  Yep, you can start Laettner if you want… you can turn the fatigue off, turn the difficulty way down, and drop a hundred on some poor saps with him if you’d like (which I’ve NEVER done after creating myself and setting all my attributes to 99).  And this Dream Team will need him…. since there’s no Scottie Pippen.

Me?  I’m never playing him a single second.  I’m just shooting with Larry Bird, thank you very much.  All L B all day long.

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  • Bailey

    Exactly!!!! Me too!!! LB all day!!

  • Chulinho

    It feels odd with no Pippen…its not the complete Dream Team. I guess I’ll make him on the My Player mode.

    • kg215

      Yeah I guess they couldn’t secure his rights, wonder if Pippen didn’t want to be in the game for some reason.

  • KY Celts fan

    Pippen is an extreme douche for holding out on this game. I know he’s having financial troubles, but to be the only one to hold out for more money makes him just look stupid.

    • kg215

      Is that what happened or is that what you are assuming? If he is having money trouble I would think “beggars can’t be choosers” and he should have taken whatever they offered, but I don’t know the details. In NBA 2k12 he is playable on multiple bulls teams.

      • KY Celts fan

        It’s what Ball Don’t Lie was reporting.