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KG gets some new ink

Kevin Garnett paid a visit to FY Ink in Ontario last week to get a new tat on his upper chest. Chris Bosh is also a client of FY, so not sure if perhaps he gave Ticket the suggestion. It’s a bit hard to tell from the pic, but a dragon is my best guess. What do you guys/gals think it is…?

















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  • mrchumpy

    It looks like a chemical burn scar. Has KG joined Fight Club?

    • KWAPT

      Nice one.

    • Lee in Oregon

      yeah, I was gonna say, looks more like he had one removed. It’s prob got half an inch of protection-goo over it though. KG likes giving the finger though…..nothing wrong with that.

  • Not sure — but flippin’ the bird in 3 pics, hands down his pants in the other? Oh KG lol.


    Sorry for the glitch w/the photo gallery-working on fixing that.

  • These are the most “Kevin Garnett” pictures of KG I’ve ever seen. I half expect to see him gnawing on the severed arm of a homeless man in the next one.

  • Quest

    These guys inhaling again. Does KG have any other Tats on that chiselled body?

  • Matt W

    Goddamn, that guy is scary.

  • G4L

    My guess is a tat of a middle finger with the celtics 2008 Championship ring on it!

    Que picture…

    • G4L! Long time no see my man..

      • G4L

        Yeah I’ve been laying low on comments.. but don’t get it twisted, I’m on here multiple times a day!

  • KY Celts fan

    Looks like a Tiger’s head to me.

  • thebantam

    haha. I think he flips the bird so people at Getty Images and AP don’t plaster his mug everywhere. He’s kind of always been like that from the outside at least.

  • 76th

    looks like it’s something written there… in 3 lines.. I see capital B in the 2nd line and capital R in the 3rd…no?

    • KWAPT

      Yes..I can see that too. I’ve asked the artist to clarify what it is..waiting to hear back.

  • Jon with no H

    if I had to guess, I’d say all the bird flipping is signaling what the FY in FY Ink stands for, as in f— you

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  • amparan

    it says banner 18, here we come fuckers!!

  • I got a hold of Lee, the owner of FY Ink. Waiting to hear back w/some details on what KG’s tat means..will share it here once/if I find out.

  • Hasho

    I think it might be that nuclear reactor Wyc mentioned.

  • Larry Legend

    Man I love KG but that is one of the gayest pics I’ve ever seen. Love him flipping the bird tho!

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  • Nick Sannicandro

    Imagine being the tattoo artist that mis-spells one of KG’s tats?/


    Finally got a hold of Lee Baxter at FY Ink. KG’s tat says “La Familia”