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Antoine Walker wants to be a coach someday

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) August 15, 2012 Celtics News 11 Comments on Antoine Walker wants to be a coach someday

Antoine WalkerBoston has an irrational fixation with Antoine Walker.  Yes, he had a few nice seasons with the Celtics, but he was also a wild chucker who twice shot under 40% for entire seasons in his prime.  He also shot once 25.6% from 3 in his early years as a Celtic.   He then became a journeyman who squandered his $100 million fortune… thus epitomizing just about everything that was stereotypically wrong with pro athletes, especially NBA’ers of the 90’s.

But America loves a redemption story.  And as much as we can joke about ‘Toine (and I joke about him, a lot), I don’t actively root against the guy.  I, like a lot of people, hope he’s learned a lesson.  And maybe it’s a lesson he can impart on some younger players… because he’s open to step in to coaching some day.

“I’ll probably want to coach one day,” he said. “I don’t know what level yet. I enjoy being around the game. I love the game of basketball. It definitely will be in sports, in some capacity. Right now it’s hard to say, I’m trying to find my niche. That’s why I want to come out and do these type of things. I also went to the NBA Pre-Draft Camps, talked to some GMs. I’ve just got to figure out what my niche will be, but it definitely will be in the game.”

Again, I can sit here and joke about Antoine teaching kids how to chuck off-balance 3’s and the art of the awkward celebration, but I won’t.  Instead, I’ll just hope this is the culmination of ‘Toine’s path in life.

Maybe Walker’s struggles can help him teach others how to avoid the same pitfalls.  Maybe he can pull together a nice little living as a coach, stay around the game he obviously loves, and teach some kids the reality of being a pro baller.

Most big-time prospects and first-round picks believe their careers will last forever… that they’ll be Steve Nash playing at 39-years-old with the checks still rolling in.  But they don’t.  And if you live your life like you’re printing money, you’re going to end up with your mug shot plastered on blogs and the punchline of Twitter jokes.

So while it sucks for Antoine that he had to go through it, it would be nice to see him save some kids from repeating his mistakes.  And if a program doesn’t want to give him a shot as a coach, the NBA should hire him to give lectures to new draftees.  Because Antoine Walker isn’t the first mega-rich athlete to blow everything… and he won’t be the last.

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  • zippittyay

    I wouldn’t BET on that one happening…

  • Craig

    It’s funny, I coach 11 and 12 year olds. One of my better players is a good kid, but tends to coast at times. I refer to him as Antoine Walker when I jab at him. I was a huge Antoine fan when he first landed in Boston. But I sense the “do as I say not as I do” speech my grandfather would give me when I was 8 might not play as well in an NBA huddle.

  • Jon with no H

    fun fact: the Mavs traded Toine to the Hawks for Jason Terry in 2004

  • Gixr1

    Hey john,
    i dont think its irrational at all. When your team Drafts a 19 year old, full of potential and you watch him develop, play hurt, and be extremely proud to wear green. He also also gave us some hope for better days through some dark times my man. I cant feel sorry for his situation because he created it. But he was part of something we all feel special about here and he embraced it while representing us.

    We love toine because we watched him grow up and he is one of us like it or not. I remember him taken a full page ad in the newspaper thanking the city of Boston after he was traded the first time. That shows character,and a bunch of class.

    Fact: 2002 game five against Ai and philly was the loudest i have ever heard that building, and #8 was orchestrating the crowd.

    I wish Toine nothing but the best. Big part of making our team and basketball relevant again.

    • Name*

      I agree 100%!!!!!!

  • Lee in Oregon

    My first impression is to laugh hysterically…..but when you think about it, what he’s saying is true. ‘Toine isn’t a bad guy. he’s just not good with dough. He probably helped alot of people along the way too. If he’s willing to put the time in and work his way up, and I mean he’d have to start at the bottom- he could end up being an assistant somewhere, someday. After reading that article where he’s playing in the CBA last year, living on taco-bell and cheap beer, I don’t question his love for the game. I honestly think he’d be better in the “don’t let this happen to you role” where he could talk to the rookies about what NOT to do with the new-found millions. Kinda what they used to do when they send a guy who got all coked-out to talk to them about drugs. I hope he finds his niche.

  • RedsLoveChild

    He`s nothing more than a poster boy for… “Don`t Let This Happen To You”.

    He`s a moron…stupidity comes at a high cost.

  • thirstyboots18

    If he can take the heat, he can always blog…(no pun intended)

  • Brick James

    Coaching? To do what, shoot fours? If he really needs money as it appears he does, perhaps he and Ochostinko can do a reality show about their experiences with Evelyn Lozada. Now there’s a real match made in heaven.

  • C’s#1Fan

    Danny and Doc should give him a job with the Celtics organization. He was a big part of the Celtics when he was younger, he played for 9 seasons with the Celtics. He helped take the C’s to the Eastern Conf semifinal against the New Jersey Nets. He deserves to be a part of this Organization. Once a Celtics always a Celtics, Good Luck Toine.

  • C’s4eva

    I had the pleasure of spending time with Toine during his tenure with the Heat. I can tell you that he is one of the nicest people you could ever know. The guy has a huge heart (to a fault) and that is what landed him into so much trouble. Its sad to see people who don’t even know him call him names. The guy was not wise when it came to money obviously but his biggest fault was not being able to spot a user or hanger-on. People fleeced Toine’ for money cause they knew he wouldn’t say no. It was tough to watch.