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Brandon Bass gives back

In late July, Brandon Bass held “Reach Back Week” in his native Louisiana. It featured a celebrity bowling event, basketball camps and a backpack & school supplies drive for local children. The basketball camps all took place in communities that Bass grew-up in. He wants children from those same neighborhoods to know that they too should dream big. “I believe that you can achieve whatever you want…” Bass told them.

Fellow LSU alum and former Celtic Glen “Big Baby” Davis made an appearance as did members of Bass’ family.

Brandon Bass is about as down-to-earth as they get in the NBA. A quiet, humble guy, he expresses himself through hip-hop. One of his tracks plays in the background of the above video. It’s called “Change it All“. Here’s a sample:

If I could change it all, I wouldn’t change ****, I’d have the same goals, and the same wish..”

If I could change it all, I wouldn’t change ****, I’d have the same fam and the same chick..”

Can you picture me doing’ something different, than playing ball & spittin’ verses that’s upliftin‘?”

The track tells how Bass’ hard work and dedication paid off, and how despite the trials and tribulations he went through, he wouldn’t have had it any other way. Bass has quite a few tracks on his YouTube page and they’re quite good. I recommend a listen if you’re a hip-hop fan. He uploads new tracks/videos frequently.

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  • paul

    How much money is Bass putting back into his community. That’s what I want to know.

    • Well… just by living in his community, buying goods and services, and paying taxes, he’s paying a significant amount. Being involved with these charities brings in more money than if he wasn’t involved… so he makes an impact

    • zippittyay

      The best way to fight poverty is to not be poor.

      • C’sHub

        That’s easier said than done.

    • R.Bass

      To be honest my bro been giving back for 7 years and the money price is not a issue,long as the kids happy and he making a change that’s all that matters!! Worry about your own pockets before you focus on what another man is doing! Smh #Bass

  • Lee in Oregon

    As stated above, BB is just solid, on the court & off. As for his music, he’s a thousand times better than most ballers who think they can rap. I dare anyone to find something more unlistenable than that pile-o-crap that Ron Artest put out several years back. Metta, keep you’re day-job!

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