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Your Morning Dump… Where Ray Allen is not an emotional person

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.  

Allen, 37, rejected a two-year, $12 million offer from Boston to sign a three-year contract worth about $9 million with the champs. It was an awkward ending, Allen appearing to be unhappy with his role with the Celtics, who were eliminated by Miami in a tough playoff series.

“I was a free agent,” he said, “and I had to make a decision I definitely thought was best for me to move forward. I’m excited about where I’m going. … I don’t know what to expect, but I know what I expect from myself.”

Allen said his ankle is now about 75 to 80 percent healthy, and he expects to be 100 percent when training camp starts next month. The Heat will open the season against the Celtics.

“I look at the guys I played with five years,” he said. “I played seven years with the Bucks and four with Seattle, so at some point you’re always going to have ex-teammates. But winning [a championship] with the guys in Boston, I have a bond with them. It’s going to be a special game, though I am not an emotional person.”

Hartford Courant

Ray Allen says he’s not an emotional person. Huh?

His decision to leave Boston was all about emotion. He felt slighted, so he took his ball and went to Miami. If he was more like Michael Corleone, he would still be wearing a Celtics uniform.

Go ahead, blast me in the comments for continuing to bitch about Ray.

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  • me

    F ray

  • greenbeand

    this story was dead a long time ago.

    – celtic fans

  • lkk23

    he looks like he has gotten a little too much sun down there in FL.

  • Felix

    I am so excited about our new roster. Imagine a smallball unit with rondo, terry, lee, green and wilcox (who ran the court very well with rondo!). Suddenly we’re young& fast! That’s why i don’t think about ray anymore.

    • Felix

      And throw in Avery, of course

  • RedsLoveChild

    Why are we still talking about this boring, bald has-been???

  • Art

    Well, it’s understood that there just aren’t that many good things to write about this time of the year. How about an analysis of how the C’s match up against the revised Fakers lineup? The Fakers have lots of potentilal but a million question marks. Especially wirth D.Howard’s back problems.

  • Celticsfanatic

    Fuck Ray

    • joey-jojo

      Why is you losers haten on ray ray he made his decision he’s happy with it get off his back ray ray his looking at you faggots saying not one not two not three not four not five not six not seven lol dynasty lets go heats we taking over one city at a time…….

      • Drew

        So by your calculation, Ray Allen will play until he’s at least 45 and win 8 championships. You’re probably right. You should help coach a city league or something. You seem like you know your basketball.

  • Cal

    The big travesty of the summer was giving Jeff Green 9 million a year- Ray Allen is small potatoes next to that.

    • How can we be sure that’s a travesty? He hasn’t even played yet. Maybe we should consider holding off on that until it actually happens??

  • Bug from Cali

    Ray was my favorite player when he was on the Celtics, but now that he has joined the Heat I wish him the best. I will route for him to win against any other team but the Celtics. I hope the Celtics beat the Heat in the playoffs so Ray can watch the Celtics celebrate going to the finals. Everyone(sports writers) already thinks the Heat will repeat, I hope the dont!!

    • Chris


    • Drew

      You aren’t a Celtics fan. Trust me.



  • DJ


  • woo

    Benedict Arnold.

  • JR99

    Ray Allen seems like a deeply troubled man, neurotic for sure, possibly borderline psychotic. He says things like “I’ll always be a Celtic” and “I will always love the city of Boston” — after voluntarily leaving this city to go play for our arch-rivals…. FOR HALF THE MONEY. Why? Because somebody didn’t treat his fragile ego well enough. Didn’t call him fast enough. Or whatever… the man makes no sense. He also appears to have quite a tenuous grip on reality. News flash for Ray Allen: BOSTON DOESN’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE, ya nutjob.

    Cs can only get better for getting rid of somebody THIS nutty from their locker room. I know Rondo will be a LOT happier. Maybe they will all be. Bottom line: I like our roster a lot better now than the team we would have had, had Ray stayed.

    So… as others have said… good riddance.

    • Quest


  • Quest

    Can’t leave it alone sorry too pissed off, this hate is tooo much…. Its Basketball!!!! Its entertainment!! Yes it was an emotional hit when Ray left but it was an emotional hit I didn’t lose my job and I can afford to buy a ticket to the TD Garden when 21% of Bostonians can’t. To degrade the man to this extent behind the anonymity of a bog is too base…..Do I like the fact that Ray went to Miami HELL NO!!!! But it doesn’t give me license to degrade the man in this way. Time to move on in life. Maybe this month with no Bball is an opportunity to move out of the bubble into the larger world of reality. Danny has pulled out a good roster and Doc has moved on so don’t you think its time for to do the same.

    • JR99

      If Ray hadn’t gone on TV, again, to talk crazy talk, again, about how he loves Boston and how he’ll always be a Celtic… then yeah, there would be nothing to write about, because this story is over. But he did. Nobody twisted his arm. But there he was, talking like a lunatic again….. If he loves Boston so much, then why, exactly, did he leave it for HALF the money FROM OUR BIGGEST CONFERENCE RIVALS?

      Ok? So he deserves what he gets… and right now, I don’t know a soul in Boston who would give two craps for the guy. He is persona non grata ’round here, and personally, I hope they boo when his name gets called first time back.

      Oh and… who, exactly, appointed you the Arbiter and Decider of what should and should not be discussed here?

  • Quest

    Response to Redsarmy it was about a man’s pride.