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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics are still better than the 76ers

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

 Such a move bodes well for Philadelphia on two fronts.

It gives them a much-coveted center in Bynum, and it alleviates the logjam of wing players that developed on the Sixers roster this past season.

Now all of a sudden, Philadelphia has the versatility to hurt teams in both a half-court set with Bynum in the post or pick-and-pop action with Spencer Hawes, in addition to getting out to run in transition the way they did this past season with the likes of Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner on the wings.

Boston’s run atop the Atlantic Division — five straight years and counting — may be legitimately threatened.

“I still see Boston as the team to beat in the Atlantic,” said one NBA executive on Friday. “Philadelphia is better now, obviously. But Miami getting Ray [Allen] out of Boston gives them something they didn’t really have last year, and that’s quality, veteran depth. They’re still the team to beat. Boston and Indiana have great depth as well. And everybody seems to be writing off Chicago. Big mistake. They’ll be right there, too. Like I said, Philly’s going to be better. But there’s a lot of teams they have to get past, and I’m not convinced they’ll do it.”

CSNNE – Bynum key to Howard deal for Celtics

Can we ease back the throttle on the “Andrew Bynum makes Philly a threat to win the division” talk?

I’m not denying that Andrew Bynum is a beast. Facing him four times a season won’t be fun. But let’s not forget the Sixers have lost two explosive scorers from last season’s squad – Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams. And while they’re picking up a dominant defensive presence in the middle, they’ve lost one of the top wing defenders in the game. Iggy gave Paul Pierce fits.

The veteran leadership of Elton Brand is also gone. Replaced by Kwame Brown. [Insert joke here]

The 76ers are talented, but Doug Collins has a big challenge with the chemistry of this roster.

The Atlantic Division ain’t gonna be a cake-walk, but my money is still on the Celtics.

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  • greenbeand

    no need to sweat the small stuff. anyone that thinks philly is now relevant has a very low basketball iq. the bigger question is will jerry buss pay the 34M in luxury tax or dump gasol/world peace?

  • Quest

    Chemistry problems…. the sparks starting with Doug Collins and Bynum. Does Bynum last the season in Philly or does he become trade bait mid season.

  • Double P

    Philly is going to be battling for third in the division with the knicks. Celtics are top dogs and Brooklyn will be second.

    I still don’t think the lakers match up well against the thunder and I have my questions about mike brown managing those egos. Heat are still the team to beat but we have as good a chance as any of knocking them out.. I’m very, very excited for this season

    Oh and BTW.. that lockout and ‘reformed’ cba did nothing

  • Sam

    Bynum is great, but that roster lacks two things:

    a) Reliable perimeter scorers — or really any reliable scorers outside Bynum. None of the players on the roster, including Bynum, have any experience being a #1 or #2 option.

    b) Veteran leaders. Philly is now a pretty young team. Again, nobody on that team has any experience being THE guy on a team on either end of the floor or in the locker room.

    I expect Philly to be fairly inconsistent, but very good when they are at their best. Still a year or two away from posing a real challenge to any contenders in the playoffs, though.

    Still, the size they now have should give them the ability to punish division rivals like Boston and New Jersey. But I expect them to be fairly impotent offensively.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Top NBA Headline, Summer of 2019 :

    Lakers Sign Free Agent Anthony Davis

    • PakkAttackk

      I’d cry if that happened.

  • Cameron

    Was never worried about the 76ers, Im worried about the Lakers

  • Drew

    Haven’t been watching much Olympic handball recently(shocking, I know) but I heard a warm familiar voice as I was waking up this morning and wouldn’t you know Mike Gorman is doing the play by play. What a trip. I couldn’t turn it off. Handball is so similar to basketball.

  • Lakers4Life

    I think Philly got better but better than the celtics? ..that’s ridiculous

  • EAST

    The Sixers lost Lou Williams, Elton Brand and Andre Iguadola. Basically the Sixers lost three of their best players and veteran leaders too. How are they that much better? I think Bynum helps, but doesn’t make them better than the previous two season. And Bynum’s addition doesn’t make the Sixers, better than the Celtics, Nets or Knicks.

    People need to pump the brakes on that theory. I’m not at all convinced about Philly, pls.

  • Chris

    Iggy is a great team leader, an elite defender and a strong scorer who performs in the clutch. Bynum is an elite rebounder with a decent offensive game which goes to hell as soon as something goes against him, causing him to transform into a child throwing a temper tantrum.

    I think Philly is more well rounded but I don’t consider them better. Furthermore, while the Lakers certainly got the biggest prize, I consider the Nuggets as the winners of this trade in terms of what they gained and what it cost them.