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Celtics Sneaker Madness II continues

In our latest poll that just wrapped, KG’s green/black Anta “KG2” alternate away p.e. has defeated Ray Allen’s “P.I.T.2.” It wasn’t even close as KG’s kicks received almost 70% of all your votes. So it’s on to the next one..

14) Ray Allen AJ “Fly 23” p.e.

Ray’s Air Jordan “Fly 23” p.e. kind of flew under-the-radar due to so many other dope p.e.’s that Ray wore. They feature a visible Air Sole unit in the heel for soft landings and are actually both a shoe you could ball in or rock casually. You can find them on Eastbay for about $100.


19) R.Rondo Nike Hyperfuse 2011 white/metallic gold/clover

Here are one of the first of Rondo’s 2011 Hyperfuse that we saw last season. He had at least 5 different p.e.’s of the HFuse, so I’m guessing he’s quite satisfied with them. This pair is white/black with a camo collar & tongue and a metallic gold swoosh. Rajon’s “9” is also printed on the tongue. Very cool looking shoe. These are still available at a few sites online like EBay.


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  • lkk23

    Are you sure you want to keep putting Ray’s shoes on here, I know you probably had these picked out before everything went down….I don’t know it kinda seems like a lost cause no matter how nice the shoes are 🙂

    • KWAPT

      I hear you..but yes-this tourney is based on last year’s kicks and the shoes were all picked out long before he left town. Good news is, once the 2nd round comes, we’ll have no more Ray kicks most likely. Although some of them are very nice shoes, folks just aren’t voting for him as much as last year and I certainly understand why. Thanks for your feedback!

      • lkk23

        oh I knew that, sorry if that came across as being sarcastic or anything…didn’t mean for it sound like that.

        • KWAPT

          Not at all, I understood exactly what you meant-no apology necessary-thanks.

    • Sorry I don’t agree. Perkins is a punk and if it came down to Lebron scoring the basekt vs Perkins looking like the punk my guess is the NBA would make sure Lebron won.That is kind of my whole point above. Having Garnett, Allen and that other other guy (yes I know his name I just refuse to say it) made Perkins look better then he was. Zack Randolph is not scared of Perkins.There is no way Perkins was worth the money he wanted or was paid in Oklahoma and defending Danny Ainge is the last thing in the world I would ever want to do but he had merit in this situation. Perkins was not worth the money he wanted. Need proof watch him being taken out of the game when it matters as a Thunder. You really wanted to pay a guy 5 million a year to get 2 points, 2 rebounds, 2 turnovers and no blocked shots or steals in 3 OT’s? I doubt it.


    definately gotta go with rondos hyperfuse they look real nice in person (because i own a pair) and great to ball in! one of my favorites

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