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KG’s taunting of Dwight Howard is hysterical

We’re all still digesting this whole Dwight Howard to LA thing.  Obviously, on paper, it looks like a pretty good move for them.  But you never know sometimes when you mix different personalities.  Greatly talented players can sometimes clash to a point where it affects them on the court. 

And that might be the biggest concern for LA in this trade.  One of the most intense players the game has ever seen… Kobe Bryant… and one of the game’s biggest kids… Dwight Howard… sharing the court, the ball, and the pursuit of a title. 

To illustrate how much of a child Dwight can be, Adrian Wojnarowski used a hilarious example from Kevin Garnett.

The vision is this: A serious-minded star for a serious-minded basketball franchise. Stan Van Gundy tried so, so hard to instill that within Howard, but the culture of Orlando always made the Magic beholden to Howard. No more. Howard is bigger than life, but he isn’t bigger than the Lakers.

So, yes, Bryant searched out Howard’s cell phone on Friday morning and made the call to Howard that the two superstars had resisted for months now. When the time comes, rest assured, Bryant will make something clear: The carnival act ends now. The clowning and goofing are done. During games, players used to hear Kevin Garnett screaming at Howard: “Paint your face, clown!” up and down the floor.

Who says KG doesn’t pick on guys his own size?

I can’t tell you how much I love this.  I wish I’d heard it before.  And I’ll never be able to look at Dwight Howard again without thinking of KG screaming “Paint your face, clown!” at him. 

I also can’t wait for the first time Kobe juts his jaw, gets up in Dwight’s face, and invents new curse words to berate him for not doing something.  Dwight will look like a kid who had his toys taken away from him. 

This has the potential to be fun.

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  • Quest

    Mike Brown couldn’t handle the star players in Cleveland well he sure isn’t going to be able to handle all the egos in Lakerland. Can’t wait for this “circus” to start.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    The problem is: they had this type of circus before (Kobe and Shaq), but while the two were bitching the Lakers won 3 titles.. 🙁

  • Brian

    Howard isn’t the big upgrade people think he is. Is he a better defensive player, 11.3 vs 11.7 for the Per against is a small gain. He is going to have his work cut out for him having a guy like Nash who plays no defense on his team, but then again Orlando didn’t really do so well either. He is a better rebounder but I think Bynum is the better offensive player at this point. They got him in a steal, but OKC still has Perk so the point is Mute.

  • Jay

    Is it me or is the Howard 4-team trade just hype? The Lakers got the best center and the Sixers got the second best. Sure Howard is an upgrade over Bynum, but by how much? Bynum is more polished offensively than Howard. Howard has no inside game, but Bynum does. Howard is a horrific shooter and F/T shooter, but is Bynum’s not. Howard is a better shot blocker, but Bynum has a better inside game and can shot the 12 ft. Where as Howard’s main offensive move is the drop-step. Is Howard that much of an upgrade the way some are making seem or pretending to?

    The Lakers issues over the past 2 or 3 season wasn’t the center position, but the PG and bench positions. The Lakers needed a legit PG and needed a more productive bench. They answered the PG question and some what the bench issue, but they didn’t need to get rid of Bynum. I’m not buying hype of LAL being better than the Thunder, Spurs or Celtics.

    I think the Lakers are in the conversation as being contenders for a championship, but not drastically better than other contenders. The Lakers need to move Artest to the bench, because at this stage of his career he should not be starting, just saying.

  • GreenT

    You can defend Howard, but Bynum u can’t. Not sure if the trade makes the Lakers better. I do know the Nuggets and Sixers got away like bandits compared to the Magic. lol

  • Lakers4Life

    Me personally.. I love it.. “just saying”

    • RedsLoveChild

      I don`t blame you for lovin` it!

      These Celtic “fans” are in very deep denial. If they were passengers on the Titantic, they would be saying….”Nothing to worry about, we`re just stopping for ice.”

      • Lakers4Life

        It’s about time a Celtics fan makes sense about this deal.. Love the “stopping for ice” reference lol

        • RedsLoveChild

          Howard going to LA was so simple to predict for the past year.

          They`re getting him in his “contract year”, he`ll be going all out.

          The Nash acquisition, by itself, didn`t really impress me. Just like Ray Allen coming here 5 years ago.

          But, by following it up with Howard, like Boston soon followed it up by getting KG…clearly puts LA over the top.

          No doubt, the Lakers are now the best team in the NBA. They`ll win 65+ games.

          • Chulinho

            The C’s were also fortunate to avoid injuries that championship season, and its all they’ve dealt with since ’09. On paper, a lot of teams got better this offseason, including the Lakers. I don’t mind admitting that; they improved mightily in defense, but actually took a step back in offense in the power of their big men. To crown them NBA Champs before they’ve played together is ridiculous. Have you noticed, recently, that every time a super team is formed or a blockbuster trade occurs, something bad happens to that team and/or player? You shouldn’t just assume the Lakers are going to win #17 until we at least see them play.

          • Jones B

            Don’t get too happy, because Redslovechild is always trolling on here. So his or her comments hold no merit. Lakers4Life are u a new englander that happens to be a Laker fan or troll that goes to Celtics blogs look for attention, because if u r then u need a life, quickly.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Chulinho :

            Trust me…I`m sick and disgusted over what happened today, even though I knew all along Howard would wind up on the Lakers by opening day.

            The only way LA does not win the crown in 2013 is if their team plane crashes!

  • Lakers4Life

    I haven’t ever once said go ahead and crown them nba champs.. I’m hopeful of course.. But to say its def not gonna workout is ridiculous wither u hate us or not

    • Chulinho

      Dude, you’re a pretty cool Lakers fan. You actually know the game and the NBA. I wasn’t lashing out at you. I was just frustrated because I’m just tired of all the “analysis” and overreaction that happens every time something happens in any sport. They act like there’s never been a lopsided, blockbuster trade or signing that always benefited a well-known team (specifically the Lakers and Yankees) before.

  • Comment:ow i love that

  • Lakers4Life

    I haven’t trolled at all.. I’ve just gave my opinion on a good blog

  • Felix

    It took the lakers with shaq 4 years and a great overhaul of the team to win it all (remember they already had eddie jones & van exel) . But for sure, the team looks scary on paper. Boston has the deeper bench however. If Green finally signs, that is. Greetings from a swiss celtic fan!

  • dwade

    Lakers will be easy picking for Miami Heat. If ever Miami will meet the Lakers in the finals it’ll be a sweep.

    • Felix


    • Lakers4Life

      Yeah I def don’t see that happenin

  • Johnny Fontaine

    I am a lifelong Celtics fan, but anyone who doubts that this move makes the lakers drastically better is kidding himself. Howard flies around on defense much more than Bynum, and who knows how many more boards grew will get now that gasol is attracting defenders. this move really makes our “steal” of Courtney lee seem trivial.

  • greenbeand11

    orlando is pathetic

    • Felix

      Orlando must be suffering from an LA/Center trauma by now

  • Jim

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  • The lakers got Malone and Payton back in 03 but they lost to the Pistons who obviuosly lacked star power. We don’t know yet. This could be 03-04 all over again, only this time no more Zen.

    Kobe has been different since 03-04. Steve Nash can provide maturity to the team if Kobe, Pau or Metta starts to regress or if Dwight remains a kid trapped in that man’s body. So I guess we’ll see what happens.

  • mrchumpy

    KG! I love his particular brand of crazy sauce.

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