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The first two matchups have been blowouts thus far with you, the voters.  Rondo’s pass at Golden State as well as Pierce’s bomb during Game 5 against Miami took well over 90% of the vote, earning both plays a trip to the sweet 16.  Today’s matchup features one of Rondo’s most amazing clutch plays not only against Miami but in all of the playoffs.  It goes against what was perhaps the now departed Greg Stiemsma’s best block of the season.  Check below for details.

Seed #3 – Rondo’s Clutch Tap Pass to Pietrus: In the previous matchup, we saw Paul Pierce drill a clutch three to give the Celtics the Game 5 win at Miami.  That may not have been at all possible if not for one of Rondo’s greatest plays in his playoff career.  The Celtics were down by 6 with just about 6 minutes left in the game when Brandon Bass went up for his patented two-handed power slam.  Dwyane Wade had other ideas and executed a perfect block on Bass.  As the ball popped out to the free throw line, Rondo out-jumped LeBron James and it one motion, tap-passed the ball out to Mickeal Pietrus on the right corner for a huge three to cut the lead in half.  The crowd went from explosively loud to STFU silent within seconds.  Just an amazing play that one Larry Bird must have been proud of.

Seed #30 – Stiemsma Denies Josh Smith:  It’s early in the first quarter of Game 5 between the Celtics and Hawks down in Atlanta.  Josh Smith has just returned from a knee injury, hoping to help his team stave off elimination.  On this particular play, Smith first gets rejected by the rim on a dunk attempt, then Greg Stiemsma adds double insult to his knee injury test by completely owning him on this block, barely even lifting off the ground to deny him.  The best part might be how Tommy describes it as a “Spalding Burger” which is everyone’s favorite description of a block.

Rondo’s Tap-Pass to Pietrus or Stiemer’s Spalding Burger Served to Josh Smith?


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  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    “The crowd went from explosively loud to STFU silent within seconds.”

    Love that line.

    • before when pierce allen and gatrnet will retire he will leave celtics. but im not hating on him. i hate no body in the league cause i know NBA player are better than me

  • nyceltic

    This one is not close.

  • dwade

    we all know who won the series.

  • Yes. Jeff Green is going to be a very big help for the Celtics to win the championship this year and Krstic will too since we got some big men now =].