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Avery Bradley: “All we want do do is win”

WEEI’s Ben Rohrbach caught up with Avery Bradley last night at the Celtics’ annual “Summer Soiree”.

Avery talked about just how much he tried to avoid KG as a rookie, the Celtics “family” attitude and how badly this year’s team wants to win:

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  • Brian

    One day at a time 😉 I think the C’s had Avery meet with their PR director. He almost said what he really thought about Ray Allen and thought better of it which was funny. The numbers don’t lie. It wasn’t over a whole season but with Avery and Rondo together they had amazing offensive and defensive numbers, and a wide gap on points scored vs given up. With Jason Collins the Center Slayer on our team…”Against Orlando’s Dwight Howard, Collins is worth his weight in gold, because nobody defends Howard better. Collins is big enough to deny Howard prime post position, sound enough to take away his favored driving angles, and savvy enough to bait him into offensive fouls. His ability to single-cover Howard was the single biggest reason the Hawks surprised Orlando in the first round of the playoffs in 2011. ” we should be fine against the lakers/76ers/Pacers.

    I really think OKC with Perk can beat the lakers. So it will be OKC vs Boston or Miami.

  • dwade

    This kid scares me a lot, yes he can stop Dwade can’t lie about it. If he’s healthy next season he can be a pest to Miami

  • dwade

    I hope Danny trade him to other team.