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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc Rivers is a super Dad

Doc Rivers and Spencer

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Jeremiah recalls a Celtics’ West Coast road trip wherein his father flew from Los Angeles to his collegiate game in Indiana and back to California in the same night. In many instances, the children wouldn’t know if Doc would be able to attend their games. Spotting him in the stands was always a welcome surprise.

“It’s kind of amazing how he does it,” Austin told “His team has a 100-something game season. If he has eight hours, he’ll use those eight hours to fly to one of our games. The next eight hours he gets, he flies to another game. He puts it all together somehow.

“There’s a lot of times [I was surprised to see him]. He really wouldn’t tell me a lot of games. I would just look up after a game or during a timeout you might just peek in the stands where your family is and you might see him. I always knew my mom was going to be there because she’s Super Mom and she’s going to be at every game of every child. That’s just how she is. My dad would just be a surprise.”

CSNNE – Doc not playing favorites with family

Whether it’s business or family, Doc Rivers has a motor that just won’t quit. That’s probably why he’s so successful in life. He’ s not relaxing on the couch watching 6 hours of The Godfather trilogy during AMC’s Mob week.

There was a time when Doc’s family nearly forced him to give up his job in Boston. Fortunately for us, he’s a master at juggling responsibilities.

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  • DJisintheHall

    doc is the man!

  • Jay

    You just made me feel really guilty for sitting on the couch yesterday and watching 6 hours of the Godfather during AMC’s mob week. Crap, I better go do something productive today.