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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc pines for Carlos Delfino

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We’ve looked, and I wish we had the money to add him,” Rivers told the Argentinian website Olé. “We could really use him.”

The Celtics were reportedly among the teams expressing interest in the veteran swingman a few weeks ago, but the C’s have since added Courtney Lee. Therefore, they could only offer Delfino the $1.15 million veteran minimum or the $1.96 million bi-annual exception, which probably wouldn’t be enough. Instead, Rivers’ praise is likely just the coach complimenting a future opponent.

“They’ve turned him into a shooter,” Rivers also reportedly said of Delfino, “but he can give you more.”

NESN: Doc Rivers says Celtics “could really use” free agent Carlos Delfino

Carlos Delfino is a nice player…. nicer than $1.96 million… so the purpose of this dump is to sadly inform you that despite Doc’s glowing words, it’s extremely unlikely that the Celtics will get him.  The only caveat Delfino lovers can hang their hats on right now is that this is the first summer under  the new CBA and lot of money has been thrown around already.

So it’s possible guys at Delfino’s level who might normally get more than a barely-more-than-minimum-wage exception is left out of the free agent bank heist.  The money, it’s been said, is drying up for guys who might have expected more.

Here’s my best reasoning for not expecting Carlos Delfino:  He’s Milwaukee’s free agent… Milwaukee is looking at Mickael Pietrus as Delfino’s potential replacement… and the Celtics can’t afford Mickael Pietrus.  So if the Bucks are cheaping out and going with Peaches as a cheaper option than Delfino, then how on earth will the C’s manage to get Delfino?

Sign-and-trade, you say?  Well, the other reason they probably can’t get Delfino is they aren’t far from the $74 million hard cap that was imposed on the team because they used the full, $5 million mid-level exception on Jason Terry.  That $5 million is for non-tax paying teams… so once it was inked, the C’s were not allowed to cross the $74 million mark.  So unless Jeff Green magically grants the Celtics an extra million from his starting salary, then the chances of getting anyone for more than $2 million really go out the window.

Doc’s out in London and he’s talking to various media outlets and being nice.  This could be no more than a guy who’s married looking at a girl saying “if I wasn’t married, I’d totally ask her out”.  The C’s are capped out… so Doc can wish he had money for a lot of guys.  I’m sure he wishes he had the money for Dwight Howard, too.

Who knows, maybe this plants a bug in Delfino’s ear and in a couple of years when he’s 31 and still got some decent basketball left, he’ll consider coming to Boston in a nice little bench role.  It probably isn’t happening now though… not unless Danny Ainge pulls off some sort of 3-card Monte trick to get him.

Check out ESPN Boston’s Summer Forecast for Chuck’s take on who gets the final roster spot this year.

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  • paul

    How about if Pierce gives up a couple of million? Does he want a freaking championship or not?

    • Art

      See my comment below about giving up $$$. ( No effect )

    • Lee in Oregon

      You can’t restructure a guys current deal to sign somebody else.

      I always liked Carlos (make-up & all), and I think he’d fit in good on this team. Not sure Ainge can pull a second rabbit out of his hat…

  • Art

    ” So unless Jeff Green magically grants the Celtics an extra million from his starting salary, then the chances of getting anyone for more than $2 million really go out the window.”

    John, Really. The C’s are already over the salary cap by a lot, so Jeff Green giving back $$$ has no effect on anything. Shame on you.

    • michael

      We would not be able to sign Delfino outright for more, however… in theory if Green signs for less, we can then sign Pietrus (our own free agent) for more as part of a SnT for Delfino. But it ain’t gonna happen.

    • I was referring to the sign-and-trade. The Celtics could, theoretically, give Pietrus the bi-annual in a sign-and-trade and take Delfino back in a sign-and-trade for a higher salary. I think the Celtics may technically be taxpayers… but I’m still not 100% clear on on that. But the C’s could at least take back 125% + $100,000 of the outgoing salary.

      It’s not much, but it’s more than the bi-annual… and how much Jeff Green makes in the first year absolutely plays a role in that because if he makes too much in year one, a sign-and-trade like that isn’t even possible.

      This makes a lot of assumptions (that Pietrus won’t get more than minimum, that Delfino will take that contract, and others) but it’s a theoretical based on Jeff Green’s starting salary and where the C’s sit under that $74 million.

      I’m still learning the ins and outs of the CBA… but that’s where I was going with that.

      In the future, when attempting to correct one of our pieces, I’d appreciate it if you don’t include the condescending tone.

      • Art

        Sorry. I’m overtired from all this late-night Olympics stuff.

      • michael

        I’m genuinely intrigued by this. Here is my best guess at how the C’s could still end up getting a player whose value is around $4 million:

        I believe the C’s can sign Pietrus for more than $1.9 mil because he is their own free agent. The $58 mil “soft” salary cap is irrelevant for the sake of this discussion because C’s have Pietrus’ Bird Rights. They do have to stay under the luxury tax threshold because they’ve used the mid-level exception on Terry, which is only granted to non-taxpayers.

        My biggest question is – what is actual luxury tax threshold this year? I know the minimum is $70.3 million, but has the actual number been determined yet? You mentioned $74 mil, which would be great.

        According to the salaries currently posted on espn trade machine, C’s are at $61.56 mil. Add $8 million for Green (the latest number I’ve heard), and we still have $4.4 million to play with if $74 mil is the threshold.

        C’s could sign Pietrus for up to $3.4 mil and take back Delfino via SnT at up to $4.35 mil.

        • They do not have Pietrus’ Bird Rights. He was signed as a free agent after being waived by Phoenix. Unless the C’s get a special dispensation like the Knicks did for Jeremy Lin

          • michael

            right, right. I see it now. If C’s had claimed him off waivers last year, they’d have Early Bird Rights (based on a June 2012 arbitrator ruling). However since he cleared waivers and C’s signed him as free agent, no Early Bird = no worm.

        • michael

          Sorry, we don’t have Bird Rights on Pietrus. We might have Early Bird Rights, which would still mean we could pay him up to 104.5% of last year’s average salary, so $3.4 mil could still work.

          Or we might not have any sort of Bird Rights. In that case, we’re back to the mini exception of $1.9 mil as the most we could offer him. oh well

  • Jim

    Jeff Green is going to have to hit the ground running.This has to be the year he delivers,especially with the salary he is earning.I can already hear a chorus of “we could have signed so and so” for the money Jeff is getting. Over to you Jeff,and good luck.

  • mrchumpy

    So much math. Head spinning.

    • michael

      comes in handy when playing poker 😉

    • michael

      or calculating video file sizes and bandwidth specs

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