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Pierce, Rondo to ball for the Obama campaign

Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo are teaming up with Michael Jordan to help President Obama raise some campaign cash:

The Hall of Famer will headline a celebrity basketball game on Aug. 22 in New York that will double as a fund-raiser for President Obama, the Obama campaign said Tuesday.

Other high-profile participants in the Obama Classic will include Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics, Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks, and WNBA stars Sheryl Swoopes and Dawn Staley.

Former stars Alonzo Mourning and Patrick Ewing, who learned to play basketball in the parks and leagues of Cambridge, will also be part of the event.

Looks like Rajon Rondo isn’t holding a grudge against the President for those comments about his jump shooting.

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  • LA Flake

    I’m not surprised but I am disappointed.

    Obama = Disaster!

  • Same here. On wonders though: who refused to play?

  • Quest

    Will the game be televised?

    • KWAPT

      Not sure about that yet. But if not, I’d bet there will def be an internet stream. If I hear anything I’ll post.

  • screaming jay

    Further proof that Rondo is a very smart man.

  • Celticsfanatic

    Laaaaaame, KG knows whassup.

  • GeorgiaCeltic

    I absolutely love Rondo and Pierce BUT it makes me sick they support Obama. He is the worse president ever. Oh well….let’s go Celt’s!!! Banner 18 baby!!!

    • LA Flake

      lets be blunt. most black people will support this morally and financially bankrupt president just because he, too, is black eventhough he continues to expand our racist drug war and the blacks are suffering from the lowest employment in modern history.

      43 million americans on food stamps. real unemployment (not some govt BS data) in the 20%. more and more govt agencies designed to spy on americans. and oh yeah! obama will kill you with drones if he feels like it! USA! USA! USA!

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  • SCGreen

    This is why I only support the Celtic players and not the fans of Boston. Worst President in US history, wow. Never mind the guy who put us in debt.

    • spida

      green which guy do you mean? the guy who started the welfare system with no time limit in the 20s and 30s? the folks who refused to end it when families could take care of their own again after the 40s? those who have built on it since? or the guy i tk you want to blame who got stuck with clintons mess after 9/11 but had policies that were reducing unemployment and stabilizing the dollar before obama started jacking things up so that he could be transparent about his bigotry? is that the guy you mean?

  • Lee in Oregon

    I applaud all those guys except “Zo”, who acted like a complete dick his entire career. I could see his inclusion here backfire, Barry could end up with a cheap elbow in the face or something.

    By the way, nobody gives a crap about what any of you (or me) think about the election. If you’re so rah-rah about it, get a lawn sign or bumper sticker….maybe even vote…

  • paul

    This makes me sick. Rondo, what do you think about Obama’s genocidal war against Libya? Every dollar you raise for Obama is a dollar for a bomb that kills a family in Sudan. There’s still time to pull out, Rondo.

  • paul

    Well said, Lee. We basketball fans should sit on our sofas and let the brainwashing wash over us. Politics is for others. Not for us ordinary citizens.

    Thankyou for reminding us how things really are, comrade Lee.

  • SCGreen

    Registered voter and veteran Lee. I agree with your comments but when people blindly make comments that I find offensive I respond. However, keep in mind from someone with friends in the league it is not just weather that keeps prevelant players out of Boston in spite of the organization’s great history of diversity.

  • sev

    …..it was his left elbow anyways

  • MJB


  • relja

    it sickens me when i see that people say obama is the worst ever.. were you blind and deaf the last 20 years? bush is responsible for death of thousands of civilians and soliders in the middle east, and clint authorised the boming of serbia in which many innocent people died..

  • Hey guys… I’m going to do us all a favor and close the comments on this post. I was afraid the comments would delve too much into political stuff and not into any basketball stuff.

    The fact is, we’re a basketball blog. I don’t care if you love or hate Obama, and I’m fairly certain that most readers would prefer to read political commentary elsewhere. I know you’re probably thinking we opened this can of worms by posting that these guys are raising money for Obama… and there’s validity to that. Right now, though, I’m scooping up whatever worms I can and resealing this can.

    Thanks guys