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Groin shots are becoming the norm in Olympic basketball

France’s Nic Batum is the latest Olympian to target an opponent’s groin. This photo shows Batum punching Spain’s Juan Carlos Navarro below-the-belt in the closing seconds of today’s quarterfinal game.

Batum, who was not ejected, seemed proud of his actions. Here’s a tweet from Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

Finally, I asked Batum if he felt like his punch ultimately gave Navarro a ‘good reason’ to flop. “I hope so,” Batum said.

This nut-punch follows the groin shot Team USA’s Carmelo Anthony suffered at the hands of Argentina’s Facundo Campozzo. Campozzo and his teammates blamed Chris Paul for starting the nut slap-fest.

Memo to all Olympic basketball players: start wearing cups.

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  • michael

    I’m not sure Batum actually connected on this one, but Turiaf’s foul on Rudy Fernandez moments before sure looked like it made some sack contact. Both were excessive for sure.

    I think Turiaf was just not in control of his body and rushing over to foul, while Batum acted like thug who did not belong on the court. The refs were foolish to leave him in the game for the last 20 seconds.

    • Nut shots are never necessary. In fact I think they are rather cowardly. I lost a lot of respect for Batum after is awful display of poor sportsmanship. I’m sure karma will get him back.

  • KY Celts fan

    I can’t stand watching basketball on the olympics. I watched part of the USA-Argentina game, and you would have to assume the Argentinians are part fish by the way they kept flopping on the floor. Manu was disgusting to watch. He always flops, but International play seems to make it worse.