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Your Morning Dump… Where Team USA wins and Melo takes one in the sack

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

As Carmelo Anthony crumpled on the floor with his hands cupping his groin, mayhem unfolded on the United States‘ sideline. Tyson Chandler and Deron Williams screamed at Argentina players and threatened to meet them at midcourt. Mike Krzyzewski bellowed into an official’s face. All around the Americans’ bench, there were fingers wagging toward Argentina, threats hanging heavy in the air. Finally, Anthony staggered to his feet and screamed to Facundo Campazzo for jabbing him between the legs and running away.

 “Campuzzo got hit in the [groin], too” Argentina’s Luis Scola said. “That stuff happens.”

The United States had turned a tight game into a blowout, and restraint no longer resonated within the Argentina guard’s mind when Anthony unleashed one more 3-pointer at the end of the third quarter. Searching for retribution, Campazzo found Anthony an easy target on the release of his statuesque jump shot.

“Because before, Chris Paul punched me,” Campazzo said.

Maybe Team USA didn’t get little Facundo Campazzo‘s best shot, but they get did his cheapest one. Paul started it, and the Americans ended it Monday night. As Argentina and the rest of the world keeps finding it, this is no fair fight.

Yahoo! Sports

Celtics fans are familiar with below-the-belt shots. Kevin Garnett was chastised for his love tap on the Suns’ Channing Frye in January 2011.

Unlike KG, Facundo Campazzo got his money’s worth. He caught Melo good.

Everyone knows I’m not the biggest fan of Team USA. Kobe, Melo and Lebron are not the most likeable guys. But I was cheering them (and the ridiculously hot Kevin Durant) on as they dropped the hammer on Argentina.

Campazzo didn’t just punch Melo in the nuts. He punched America in the nuts. And that can’t be tolerated.

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  • Cam

    Chris Paul, dirtiest player in the league

  • chris

    “Campazzo didn’t just punch Melo in the nuts. He punched America in the nuts.”

    That wasn’t very Olympic of him. Hell, if he wanted revenge, why not go after Paul if CP3 is the one who got him. Also, this statement reminded me of the speech at the end of Team America for some reason.

  • German

    I’m a celtic fan, and a i’m also from Argentina.
    Melo is a clown, not saying he deserved to be hit in the nuts, but when a player provoques you over and over, eventually you explode,

  • Quest

    Agree there is too much hubris with this team. They will probably win gold but thinking the original Dream Team came off with more class.

    • Yeah… The original dream team was real classy when it was elbowing Angolans

  • Kevin

    The 2012 Team didn’t show class? Where? Did they retaliate at all? No..

    • Bhor

      Non-retaliation doesn’t equate to class. They didn’t retaliate because if they attempted to, they would be suspend by IOC for at least 1 maybe 2 games. Also I don’t think the touch was as intentional as it was made out to be. I’ve found that quite often I end up getting inadvertently poked in or touched while shooting, and it occurs when the defender puts his hands down after rushing out, so that he doesn’t get called for a foul.
      This isn’t an issue of class its an issue of Americanism. As a society we don’t care about the accomplishments of other countries. Throughout the entire Olympics commentators attempt to perpetuate the sterotype that america is great, but the rest of the world sees us quite differently, as gigantic Douchebags, who are rather full of themselves.

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