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Kevin Garnett’s Anta KG2 “USA”


Chinese  sports brand Anta have just released this patriotic pair of the KG2’s just in time for the Olympics.  The patriotic colorway is a bit surprising since Kevin Garnett’s signature shoes are only outside the US.  In edition to the new shoes, The ANTA website finally has an option for English.  The translations are very entertaining.  KG is described  as “Both offense/defense mastersbrave and tough superstar, Olympics champion, NBA consecutive rebound leaders, MVP and champion…Sky’s only limit, fear-free and higher !”.  I couldn’t say it better myself!  What do you think of the latest KG2 colorway? Is it “mastersbrave”?



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  • Joel

    Kg should’ve join Nike instead

  • LA Flake

    The shoes are alright but I wouldn’t masterbrave over them.

    • KWAPT

      I see what you did there.

  • Edot

    I love KG, but this shoe looks like it was made in a cake boss episode