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Your Morning Dump… Where KG won’t become part-owner of an Italian soccer team

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

Kevin Garnett has a strong rooting interest in soccer, Chelsea and AC Milan his preferred clubs. There are several US-based owners of major European clubs, and Garnett last year decided to join them by agreeing to chip in to AS Roma. About the same time, LeBron James joined Fenway Sports Group, which controls Liverpool FC.

When the teams met last month in an exhibition at Fenway Park (Roma beat Liverpool, 2-1) it was revealed Garnett had been excluded from financial involvement with Roma. The NBA blocked the move because AS Roma’s principal investor is Celtics part-owner James Pallotta.

“If you enter into a business agreement with the owner of a team that doesn’t involve playing service, there are potential problems,” a league source said. “Maybe not in this case. But there is a chance of, say, making a contract a lot larger.”

James is allowed to invest in Liverpool because Fenway Sports Group has no connection with the NBA.

“With LeBron, there is no tie-in whatsoever, so it’s a different deal,” the source said. “It’s like having a business relationship with Nike. We make it simple — you can’t have a business deal with your team, or any other team, because there is the possibility of an underhanded deal there. It’s pretty clear-cut.”

There was hope for an exception to be made because Garnett’s investment would have been drawn from a blind trust administered by his attorney. But the NBA said no dice.

Globe – Sunday Basketball Notes

The league’s concerns are legitimate. They don’t want KG getting overcompensated by AS Roma as a make-good for taking a discount with the Celtics.

Garnett will have to wait until he retires from the NBA to take ownership in Roma. The scenario also changes if James Pallotta sells his interest in the Celtics.

FWIW – Garnett is wearing a Chelsea jersey in the photo (courtesy: KCKRS).

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  • Well now I know why he wasn’t at Fenway for the match. Palotta has so much money it’s freaking ridiculous. His sister owns a primo restaurant in the North End and the family own that set if seats directly next to the Celtics bench on the floor. Guess money can buy you anything except a partnership w/an NBA player.

    • KWAPT


  • Astarot

    Another stupid rule in the NBA. KG makes that deal apart from his NBA salary as a private person/investor not as an NBA player. Well The League, only they can make money rught? It doesn’t make sense.