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JaJuan Johnson appreciates everything KG taught him

Former Celtics 1st round pick and current Rocket JaJuan Johnson issued his first public comments about the multi-player trade that sent him to Houston for Courtney Lee:

“It was a good opportunity the first year, and it was fun,” Johnson said of playing for the Celtics. “But that’s what it is. It’s part of the business. That’s something that you learn early on.

“You can’t take it personally. You just have to move on. Right now, I will be playing in Houston. I’m happy about it, but we will see.”

Johnson also spoke highly of his experience in Boston and the tutelage of Kevin Garnett:

While Johnson was not on the Celtics’ playoff roster, he said being a part of that experience was a valuable lesson.

“I got to see the sacrifices that those guys go through,” Johnson said. “I learned what it takes to get there. Boston was a good team to be a part of. It was a great locker room. I definitely will miss that part.

“The year of learning from Kevin Garnett are things I will take with me for the rest of my life … just being around a good teammate and learning from a guy like him. It was great being around him every day and practicing against him. That’s going to be valuable throughout my whole career.”

Johnson had previously spoken about his relationship with Garnett, saying he was picking KG’s brain all season long.

While JJJ initially demanded a trade out of Houston, he now sounds a bit more optimistic about his opportunity there.


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  • Jim

    With a good attitude that like that I hope he has a great career.

  • In all honesty, i doubt that he will get any Pt. the Rockets’roster is a MESS. Johnson joins four or five other guys that play the same position as he does.

  • Larry Legend

    Yeah good find Chuck…you still feeling bad about the twitter beef you started with JJJ? I now have even less respect for you. Ridiculous.

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      So you expected me to ignore this story or blast JJJ because of that Twitter exchange?

      Read another blog, bro.

      • Larry Legend

        No I find it slightly more than coincidental that you post this story a week after you tried to be a tough guy picking a twitter beef with JJJ. And I read all the Celtics blogs and this one is far and away the worst. Celticsblog, celticslife waaaay better than this one primarily cuz of you, bro….

        • I’d say the coincidence is pretty obvious. We didn’t do the interview, someone else did and we posted a link to it. The timing of it is pretty much the definition of a coincidence.

          I’m not sure what you’re even implying. If you feel our blog is “far and away the worst,” then I have to ask why you’re even here reading anything? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the traffic and we’d love to have everyone love our blog… but we know that’s not going to happen. So if we suck so much, you’re free to read someone else and not be rude in the comments

          • Chuck

            Yeah – what he said!

  • Celticsfanatic

    You can’t say for sure he demanded a trade, that’s all hearsay.

  • hebertofnh

    Glad that Jajuan is able to see the good in a situation that obviously isn’t easy to handle as a young man.

    Chuck- wanted to apologize for being overly critical of your post last week. You, John, and Kwapt do fabulous stuff, and I’d like to thank you for providing fresh, insightful material. I was also out of line with my “holier-than-thou” approach, as I too can be a dink from time to time. Hope you catch this post. Continue your excellent work on here.

    -Ryan Hebert
    @Hebertofnh and hebertofnhhoops.wordpress.com