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Perk’s new low-fat milk campaign is hilarious

Chuck - Red's Army August 4, 2012 Humor, Red's Army Multimedia 9 Comments

The dude doesn’t udder a word in the ad, yet it’s flat out hilarious.

Way to go, Perk.

(h/t Jess Camerato)

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  • http://thegreatoutthere.blogspot.com Matt W

    I take it “udder” was on purpose?

    • Chuck

      Me clever…

  • will

    Aaaaaaand it’s gone

  • RedsLoveChild

    Anyone who has ever heard Perkins talk knows that it was a very smart move NOT to give him a speaking part.

    • KY Celts fan

      What are you talking about? I love Perk’s voice. He has a great Texas Southern drawl.

    • http://thegreatoutthere.blogspot.com Matt W

      I don’t know. His interview with the press when he joined the Thunder is one of my favorite interviews ever.

      Perk: I learned from KG to hate your opponents on the court, so I just find something I don’t like about them and I focus on it. Sometimes it lasts a few days.

      Reporter: What do you hate about Pau Gasol?

      Perk: Everything (Pronounced “er-a-thang”).

  • Jmbuff41

    That was funny, miss that stare in Boston!!

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  • misel

    wahaha… kinda reminds me of the panda cheese commercial…