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Paul Pierce, his beautiful wife Julie, and his two adorable daughters were spotted in Calabasas, CA. last week.  Paul’s older daughter, Prianna, is holding his hand, as he carries his youngest, who is absolutely adorable. Have to love Truth’s “I’m That Dude” shirt. Of course as a sneakerhead I wanted to see what kicks he’s wearing, but alas they are not visible. Thanks to my friends at HoopChina for the tip.

I was curious as to the name of Paul’s youngest daughter, but couldn’t find any info online. If you know, share it in the comments. Thanks. 

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  • LA Flake

    P2 looks fat!

    • I will say that he always shows-up to camp looking lean…

      • Jr giddens

        Omg shut up.

        • Glory

          Grow up.

      • MJB

        He’s not fat He’s strong 🙂

  • Glory

    I’ve tried to find out find out Baby Pierce’s name for since we found out she had been born, but alas, no luck.

    • Thanks G. I’ve looked quite a few places myself…oh well. I guarantee it begins with “P” though. lol

  • Gixr1

    He Better get his Ass in the Gym! that shit he pulled last year playing his way into shape is not going to fly. i cant believe this shit!

    looks like he’s that dude thats about to need a fucking Bra.

  • You remember Pierce hurt his knee and gutted it out for us so the Celtics could get to Game 7 of the ECF? You remember that right? Remember how he shouldn’t have been playing and now he’s resting his knee because of that and can’t work out?

    • Gixr1

      I remember plenty of guys gutting it out, yes I do. I also remember him showing up out of shape to start the year and giving a half ass effort on defense while working his way into peek basketball condition. Do you remember it? Could have very well been connected to his injury.

      As Captain, highest paid, and senior member of the team I expect a hell of a lot more. Do you? With all the new guys coming in as well as two rookies with questionable workout habbits this Shit will not fly in my eyes bro. How about yours?


    The kicks Pierce is wearing are the Nike Air Force 180 Olympic colorway. I can Tell By the Bottom Sole and Toe Box there definately dope shoes. I also have a pair myself 🙂

  • Celticsfanatic

    P2 has been working out, post pictures on FB every day. He looks like a beast to me but apparently some of you view it differently.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Crazy coincidence.

    Paul Pierce was born on Oct. 13, 1977….the very same day four Palestinians hijacked a Lufthansa flight, demanding the release of 11 members of the RED ARMY Faction!

  • the truth

    Not a fan of pictures of these. Paparazzi, leave the man and his family alone.

  • Gixr1

    His daughter looks like she”s eyeing his breast. All kidding aside,
    not a good look. And i am a huge pierce fan. He needs to lead by example and get to WORK!!!

  • Jean GR

    Are we sure his beautiful wife carried the baby? She looks fit as hell. On the other hand Paul looks like a fresh out of the hospital new mommy still happy with the extra weight…

    Seriously Sir. This year you should be ON A MISSION or I’m betting my ass Danny’s gonna ship you out come trade deadline…

    At the same time the guys he s gonna go against next season are practicing like maniacs during the Olympic tournament.