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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc should coach the next Olympic team

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

He’s come to London to work in the studio for NBC Sports on Olympic basketball, but his trip’s been an excuse to grab a notebook and visit Spain and Brazil and Argentina practices. He has a resumé withUSA Basketball, including one job as a gold-medal assistant in the Goodwill Games. USA Basketball will be searching for a national team coach in 2016, and however the structure of Olympic basketball changes, Rivers is an ideal candidate.

Yahoo!: Celtics’ Doc Rivers would make strong U.S. coach for 2016 Olympics

This piece by Adrian Wojnarowski is so good, I didn’t know where to start with it for the Morning Dump.  There’s this part where he talks about missing a shot at the buzzer in the 1982 World Championships to lose to the Soviet Union.

“Silver [expletive] medal.”

After the public-address announcer in Cali, Colombia, summoned Rivers to accept his MVP trophy, 10, perhaps 20, seconds passed, and United States coach Bob Weltlich implored him: “Doc, you have to go get that trophy. YOU HAVE TO GET IT!”

And then there’s this… which is my favorite part… about earning respect as a coach.

“You have to earn your respect as a coach, and you have to earn it every year,” Rivers said. “I hear some people say now, ‘Because you won it, you’re a made man.’ That’s [expletive]. Every year, you have a different team. That group comes back and they want more playing time. One of those guys coming back is in a contract year. It’s a completely new team, even if it’s the same team, because they have different motives.

“You’ve got to earn it every year.”

And there’s so… so much more.  It’s a must-read piece.  And that line… “It’s a completely new team, even if it’s the same team, because they have different motives.”… is something every fan should write down, frame, and hang over his or her computer when arguing about the Celtics.  Because we all so often look at last year’s performance and us it as the jumping-off point for our arguments.  We all love to say “they went to Game 7 against Miami, they’re better now, so they’re a Finals team!”

Sure, they might be.  They might have added enough pieces to be a Finals team.  But they might also be a middle-of-the-road team.  We really don’t know what this team will be.  And what happened last year has virtually no effect on what will happen this year.  If thy come out feeling entitled… or if one player plays differently… or if one acquisition just doesn’t pan out the way we thought… the variables are far and wide enough to make the range of end results pretty varied.  On paper, the Celtics look pretty good.  On the court… we won’t know yet for a few months at the earliest.

And that’s part of why Doc is just so damn good at his job.  “It’s a completely new team, even if it’s the same team, because they have different motives.”  It’s not just X’s and O’s with Doc.  It’s a mastery of human nature.  It’s the knowledge that the same guy is different from year to year for different reasons.  He’s going to have to learn his team all over again.

  • How will Rondo be without having to run offenses for Ray?
  • How will KG stand up to a full season at center?
  • How long will Paul Pierce be able to play?
  • How will Brandon Bass play now that he’s got a long-term deal?
  • What will Jeff Green even be?

I could go on.  And it’s this kind of approach that makes Doc great for the Olympic team. Whether it’s superstar players or an under-23 team, Doc has the right mindset for dealing with everyone because he understands what they’re like, he understands what it takes to win, and he is strong enough to command the respect that it takes to rein some of these guys in.

I’ve become an unabashed Doc Rivers fan.  Just like he says… he earns it every year.

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  • Cam

    Yeah its a new team, but generally in the NBA talent trumps everything else. Miami and the Celtics.and maybe the Bulls will be the best teams either officially or unofficially by the end of the season barring major injuries.

    Every team every year is going to have question marks but im sure most coaches would say that having a very similar team the next year after a playoff run is a hell of a lot easier to deal with and coach rather than overhauling the roster and I can’t see how anyone would think that it doesn’t give you a distinct advantage.

    • Bohr

      Ummm…. Why mention the Bulls, they are at best a middle of the road team without Derick Rose. As someone who has had one ACL recomstructipn and is now rehabbing from a second; I can almost difinitively say that if Rose return late this season, he will be in no shape to play, also his mentality will be shot, and he will slowly have to take his time to extend the knees comfort zone. Remember after perk’s surgery he didn’t look the same on court for several months, and is definitely not the same player he once was, scowl and all.

  • G4L

    Its funny how winning changes everything! I remember everyone calling for Doc’s job. There was even someone by the name “FireDoc”. I do think Doc would be great for the olympic Team.

    But I think it would benefit the Celtics(provided Doc is still the C’s coach by then) because he would be with the big “Stars” of the NBA & maybe, just maybe he could plant a seed in the head of those future Super Star free agents!

  • Coach K is doing just fine in my book

  • Andrew

    I like how the article is about Doc Rivers being the Olympic coach, but you swing it your way and try to bring up another opinion that has a very weak basis. The Celtics Roster is not only talented, but it is deep. Take a hint from your readers and stop doubting the Celtics like all the other Media. We have proven time and time again that the opinion of the majority of Media members does not matter. Doc and the Gang find a way and exceed everyones expectations. This team is Eastern Conference Finals material at least.

    I understand it is good to give a realistic or pessimistic view as well, but we get that from the other media. We do not need it here on a CELTICS site. Thanks! Just some feedback 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback Andrew. I’d like to explain a little bit about what I feel my job is.

      I’m here to be realistic about the Celtics and the NBA. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to be overly optimistic about things if it’s not warranted, and I’m not going to be overly pessimistic if THAT’S not warranted. I’m always going to be honest with you guys.

      But this piece doesn’t even cross into “doubt.” I raise some issues that Doc’s going to have to deal with. Those are legitimate issues. We don’t know what a lot of these guys are going to be this upcoming season. We simply don’t.

      I do think the Celtics are going to be pretty good. They’ll be in the mix for a championship. But that doesn’t take away from the potential pitfalls we’ll face this upcoming season.

      If you’re looking for a site that will just tell you the Celtics are always awesome and nothing is ever wrong.. you won’t find that here. I’m sorry to tell that to you. I hope you’ll still read us, but we won’t lie to readers to be popular. We’re going to tell you the truth about the Celtics as we see it… so the fans who read us can watch games with, we hope, either a better understanding or a new perspective on what’s happening on the floor.

      Thanks for your feedback.

      • Andrew

        Thanks for your response John. I love this site and am not going anywhere else. Just been a lot of negativity lately. I think ESPN, and all the other sports media handle the “Celtics being old” stuff well.

        I understand your point about being realistic i can see that a lot of your stuff has been realistic. I think me and most Celtics fans are very excited about next year and want to keep that vibe going. Maybe just space out the “realistic” posts over a period of time instead of a couple days in a row?

        Ne ways….Thanks again! Banner 18 🙂

  • KY Celts fan

    Doc is second only to Popovich as best coach in the league. I don’t think there is a player in the league that doesn’t respect the shit out him. I would love to see him coach Team USA. Not just because I hate Coach K, but also to finally see some green on that USA bench again.

  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    John raises valid questions about this team. Nothing weak about the argument.

    Are you forgetting what this team was at the All-Star break last year? An out-of-shape bunch of under achievers.

    • Andrew

      Chuck, first of all i would like to say i LOVE Reds Army and i am not one of these guys who blasts you guys and says i am going to another site. REDSARMY.COM is the only Celtics site for me.

      My objection is that there has been a lot of negativity about the Celtics Roster the past couple days and i think that is something for other media sites. I welcome realistic views as John and i think Henry was the other writer who got trashed because of his Lebron piece, but going totally the other way and proclaiming the Heat the champs next year, and following that up with a couple articles about how the Celtics might be mediocre etc. That is fine and dandy as long as you bring back the optimistic side as well.

      And to your point about before the all-star break….I think everyone does not remember how big a change Avery Bradley inserted into the starting line up was. Instead of running down the court and seeing ray spot up for three, Avery would do that, but then make a baseline cut to the basket to open up pass lanes. Also KG switched to Center which he has an advantage over 90 percent of other guys at that spot. IT shot KGs rebounding and points up because he is forced to be around the basket.

      Again, Love this site….I just like it when you stay true to the Celtics. The other Media can handle the “they are too old” stuff just fine. Thanks 🙂

      • Chuck – Red’s Army

        Thanks for reading and for providing insightful commentary. It’s appreciated.

  • Quest

    Another great read from Adrian Woj is “Doc takes blame for Ray Allen’s Decision to leave for Miami Heat”
    Doc being Doc…. he always takes the blame …. one strategy to keep peace in the locker room and maintain control.

  • Larry Legend

    I think the article is pretty straight forward. Every year is different. You can’t ever make assumptions in pro sports. I’m very optimistic about the celts but its by no means a slam dunk. I think to date the team/organization have had a great offseason. But all that means is they will head to camp in 2 months with a chance. And for this fan I’ll take it.

  • Larry Legend

    Btw…Doc Rivers might just be my favorite Celtic of this era.

    • Chulinho

      Brian Scalabrine is offended. Lol.

      • Larry Legend

        You know C I can’t stand the love Scal gets around here. He was a bum. Nothing personal towards him but everytime he’s at a game he acts like he’s such big part of celts bball history…he’s barely a fart in the wind in Celtics bball history. Wish he’d just go away. No offense if you liked him. Guy just bothers me

        • Chulinho

          I was kidding lol. I don’t think people are ever serious when they mention Scal in terms of what happens on any basketball court or in C’s history either. Who would really take a man with the nickname “The White Mamba” seriously?

          • Larry Legend

            Yeah good point. I dunno Scal just bothers me. But you’re probably right.

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  • Logan Celtic

    I agree with John. I don’t just want to read a bunch of good reports that say how great the Celtics will be next year without understanding what could go wrong. There are so many variables and I appreciate someone who looks at different angles and shares the knowledge! Thanks John and Reds Army! Go Celtics!

  • Number 33

    I dont know about making such a big deal about something Bill Belichick has said 500 million times.

  • Raoul

    Article titled “Danny Ainge did a lot, but did he do enough?”… has 91 comments before they blocked readers from commenting on it. Either they hit a record for most comments on a Red’s Army article, or they didn’t want to answer an investor’s question of “What was your highest impacting article?” with “Umm well there was this one article that undoubtedly made use lose a significant amount of readers.”

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