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Your Morning Dump… Where Danny Ainge is an inspiration

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The only veteran holdover [for the Houston Rockets] of any consequence is Kevin Martin. Since June 27, Morey has traded or released six rotation regulars from last season, including perhaps his best player, Luis Scola. The Rockets released Scola under the amnesty clause in a move that will save the team $21 million over three seasons. Goran Dragic was allowed to sign with Phoenix as a free agent. Samuel Dalembert, Kyle Lowry, Courtney Lee and Marcus Camby were traded for draft picks, young players or both. The two primary off-season signings were Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik, who, together, have played in 212 games.

The method behind the madness? Morey, who spent time with the Boston Celtics during the last decade before moving to Houston, is trying to recreate what Danny Ainge did in Boston to acquire Kevin Garnett. Ainge succeeded by developing young players (Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Delonte West) to the point that they became valuable trading chips in deals a month apart for Garnett and Ray Allen in the summer of 2007.

“It’s very similar to what Boston did,” Morey said. “Hopefully, it will yield the same result.”

NY Times: Bad by design, Rockets gamble on payoff later (via PBT)

I respect Daryl Morey for having the guts to tear apart a team on the verge of the playoffs because he knew it wasn’t going to get much better. Some GMs don’t have the balls to make that move. They’d rather toil as a mediocre playoff team because of the job security. Morey is going for the gold, but if he fails, he’ll likely be gone in a few years.

Houston’s been mediocre for a decade plus, but I believe Ainge was more desperate when he made the deals in 2006-07. That Celtics team won 24 games. He was brought here in 2003 to restore the glory. The fan base was growing restless.

Another glaring difference – the Celtics had a legitimate franchise player in Paul Pierce. The Rockets have a bunch of secondary players.

Peter May dredges up the Kevin McHale-did-Danny-a-favor theory:

 And he had a good buddy in Kevin McHale, who is now the Rockets’ coach but was running the Minnesota Timberwolves, Garnett’s team at the time, a circumstance that cannot be discounted.

I refuse to believe this is true. Would McHale really make a trade that wasn’t in his (team or personal) best interest?

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  • paul

    It’s obvious that Mchale did Danny a favor, stupid to deny that.

    • Celticsfanatic

      He did him a favor, but I don’t think the best interest of the T-Wolves wasn’t involved either. Danny may have gotten a bargain in KG but it was no Pau Gasol ripoff either. Al Jefferson>Marc Gasol unquestionably and the Lakers were getting Pau just as he was entering his prime. There’s a difference between good will between NBA GMs (what McHale did for us, what Danny did for Joe Dumars, what Portland did for us in the Courtney Lee deal) and deliberately ruining a franchise lol.

      • Rich

        Marc Gasol > Al Jefferson. Arguable…perhaps, but your analysis is very questionable.

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      only because it’s stupid to argue with stupid people…

  • Ray

    You don’t need to believe that McHale was not acting in the best interest of his ballclub in order for Ainge to have benefited from his relationship with Kevin. Personal relationships matter.

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      This much is true.

      It minimizes the risk of ugly shit going down in the negotiations, and all of a sudden two teams just won’t make a deal no matter how good it is for both of them because things got personal.

  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    If it was a gift, who offered Minny a better deal? Nobody. Nobody else was anywhere near as ready for Kev hitting the market like Danny was.

    Minny got a better deal than Orlando will get for Howard, just watch.

    • Joseph

      The Lakers offered Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, Jordan Farmar and #1 pick for KG

      • Andrew

        at that time Andrew bynum was a young undeveloped player. Jefferson was already a 16-18 point a game player. Jefferson is not that far behind Bynum even today.

      • Ray

        Boston’s offer was superior because it offered two #1 picks AND cap relief in Ratliff’s contract. The Lakers were throwing in Odom who was better than the secondary guys the C’s threw in but not enough to make the difference.

      • Joseph

        You guys are f’n high. Two #1 draft picks. Did you realize that the 2009 draft pick that Minny got was the #28 pick?? And do you know who they drafted?

        Wayne Ellington (lol)

        You must be joking. I don’t even know they drafted using that second #1 pick

        KG = Gift

        • Ray

          The other pick was the #6 overall pick in the draft (wasted by Minnesota on Johnny Flynn instead of Curry). The Laker pick that year was #29. So the picks offered by the Celtics were significantly better than the one offered by LA. Also the LA offer did not include any cap relief. This is similiar to the situation last year when Stern rejected the Lakers trade for Paul because they did not get the right pieces in return. Finally you are obviously a Laker fan trolling here because there are much better offers for you to use to further your argument than the Laker one.

  • keltic

    this website is so pathetic, guess back to

    • Noori

      I normally defended this site, but things have been different lately so I’ll try the hub as well :/

  • CoachAJ

    Kev and Danny’s deal for KG and Al was much more fair than the Lakers did for Pau. Pau for a pick(his bro Marc, never thought he would be this good so quick) and JCrittendon(in jail for murder). Totally one sided deal. I like Marc, but he is no Pau. Remember the KG deal was for Al Jefferson and Theo Ratliff’s expiring contract, Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair and Ryan Gomes to Minnesota, along with a future first-round draft pick and the return of a first-rounder the Wolves surrendered in the Wally Szczerbiak-Ricky Davis trade in January 2006. That is a ton of pieces to give up. Yeah those two former Celts are friends but a lot of business went down too.

  • RA_PapaIrish

    Whats funny is, Morey used to be the Billy Beane of the NBA, who was going to use all the advance stats in the world to take his team to the top, now he’s throwing it all away and saying lets try Danny’s method.

    This is why I believe, in the NBA especially, the ability to evaluate talent, triumphs over all

  • Larry Legend

    Seriously it’s been really ugly on this site for the past week or so…what the hell happened? This used to be a pretty good place to go for interesting stories/info…now it’s a breeding ground of negativity and general pissiness. We’re all Celts fans here, except for D-wadcollector, start acting like it. Can’t wait for Oct. 30!! Can’t come fast enough…

    • dwade

      what happened is you coming here, why don’t you just keep playing your Stardoll account

  • Joseph

    You guys have to me f’n kidding me if you don’t think Frankenstein McHale didn’t do a favor for Danny Ainge (the most over-rated GM in the league) and his former ballclub. Danny’s overrated because although he’s done a good job drafting, his trades haven’t really been all that. He’s out of buddies to gift him players, ala Frankenstein McHale

    The Lakers were aching to get KG, but McHale did not want to send him to his former rivals. The Lakers offered Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, Jordan Farmar and #1 pick for KG. And McHale refused! Instead what did that lop take?? He took Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Sebastian Telfair, Gerald Green, Theo Ratliff, cash considerations – NONE OF THOSE PLAYERS ARE EVEN ON THE T’WOLVES ANYMORE!! If Jefferson was such a great prospect, why did they ship his ass to Utah for two future first round picks and center Kosta Koufos? Why? Because he’s overrated.

    To say the Lakers didn’t give up anything for Pau Gasol is ridiculous. When the Lakers drafted Marc Gasol, he was considered the best big man in Europe playing for Barcelona and then Sant Josep Girona (Marc was the 2008 MVP of the Spanish league for crying out loud). He is now an NBA all-star, possibly the third best center in league behind Dwight and Bynum) and a cornerstone of the Memphis Grizzlies. You can disagree with me, but at least he’s still on the team that traded for him, unlike Al Jefferson and all the trash that the T’Wolves got.

    Face it, KG was gifted to Boston.

    • RedsLoveChild

      I will agree that Danny sent a big steaming pile of crap to Minny for KG…and that includes the super-overrated Jefferson.

      At the time, Bynum was considered a lesser player than Jefferson. Today, it`s the opposite.

      Pau to LA was the “heist’ of the decade. Yes, McHale & Ainge are “buds”.

      But, let`s not ignore the fact that Jerry West had close strong ties/working relationship with the Memphis owner and blood ties with LA!

  • Frank

    Minnesota shipped Jefferson because he blew out his knee…. If you look at the trade in 2007, The Celtics deal was better than the Lakers deal. I’m sure Mchale was happy about it but it was the better deal.

  • Reggie35RIP

    The funniest thing about this story is Morey inadvertently comparing himself to DA.

    A GM that trades away a player like Lowry and amnesties a player like Scola is an absolute dolt.

    He trades/gets rid of all of these players in order to have a shot at getting Dwight – who doesn’t even want to go to Houston – for one season? With the long-term view of getting CP3 next season in the hope that they will be able to convince Dwight to sign an extension… There are a whole bunch of “ifs”, “buts” and “maybes” there.

    This is hardly comparable to what DA did to get KG and Ray. At least DA managed to keep his franchise player and other key players with the assurance that the players he was trading for would sign long-term contracts. Comparing this in any way to what Houston is doing at the moment is pure idiocy.

    They’re trading and getting rid of all their core players in the HOPE that they’ll have a shot at signing a player for one year. And if they do get Dwight – big IF – who will be there to support him? Lin and Asik? If anything they’ve made the team less attractive to Dwight by getting rid of all their best players.

    If any of this falls through Morey has completely fucked the franchise for years to come. I sincerely hope he has a Plan B if they don’t get Dwight.

  • Reggie35RIP

    By the way is this article to make up for the “Danny Ainge did a lot, but did he do enough?” article? 😉

    Also who’s getting sensitive now?

    John July 31, 2012 at 11:36 am

    I’m disappointed by the personal insults so many of you have thrown Henry’s way.

    I hope you guys feel better about yourselves now that you’ve personally attacked a person for sharing an opinion on basketball.

    Comments are closed.

    I remember JJJ was derided for being “too sensitive” by one of your writers in another article after he barbed him on Twitter. Even though these two situations are hardly comparable ie. a persons livelihood/career etc. as opposed to a few harshly worded comments by anonymous people on a blog. The later seems a bit trivial in comparison.

    We all get flamed for our comments from time to time. This sort of shit is just part and parcel of running a blog. You’re not going to please 100% of the people 100% of the time. If you can’t handle the heat… Oh wait I said heat, I feel dirty again.

    Also closing comments prevented me from defending my Dwight vs. Rondo statement. ;p

  • dwade

    Okay here is the real deal, in the East the Celdcks is the only team that can give Miami Heat a real competition. But if you check across the board Miami has all the advantage from the starters to the bench.

    How can Boston keep up with Lebron, DWade, Ray, and Bosh. Boston can’t and the West is hardly a competition against Miami just look what happened to OKC.

    Next year will again be Miami’s year. Look out Boston Miami’s catching up with your old banners.

    • Art

      Here’s the deal Miami boy. Lebrick isn’t in the same category as Michael and Kobe as far as that drive and intensity go. Sure, he did once last season, but it’s not his normal self to drive his team to greatness as evidenced by his prior history. He won’t be the same force this coming season now that he has that monkey off his back. It will be extremely difficult for the Defeat to do it again without Lebrick playing at an unbelievable level and with the Defeat counting on threes for their continued success. Plus the other 29 teams will make the Defeat’s regular season an unpleasant experience for sure. If the C’s don’t have the injuries like last year, I love their chances.

    • Jim

      There is a little bit of praise for the Celtics in your post. Are you feeling OK,and is it really you ? Seriously ,I look forward to Celtics Heat match-up next year.

  • Raoul

    Red’s Army owners… please re-evaluate what this site is all about. It’s quite insulting that you simply decided to shut up the people that have supported this site from the beginning.

    The article “Danny Ainge did a lot, but did he do enough?” would cause murder in a Boston pub. There’s a difference between a good point, and something that looks like an opinion you would never hear out of a unbiased analyst’s mouth, let alone a Celtics blog writers fingers. That article should have been Enemy Chatter.

    I have been shut up by you guys a looooong time ago (possibly a year) and this is my first post since. I truly felt this site was moving in a direction where the readers are secondary to the ad partners, and it’s pretty evident. What’s so hard to understand that you need to be able to accept the type of backlash that comes when insulting an entire community of Celtics fans, by praising a rival team, on a Celtics fan website?

    If you want to be free to praise any team freely, then call this site Your responses are insinuating that saying “The Celtics have no chance” is a normal article on this website. That is simply not true. I have been on this website way too long, and this article was the first of it’s kind.

    FYI, fix the slow load time of your website, at least. If you don’t agree that posting something like THAT on THIS site, at least take that piece of feedback because It was slow before the revamp and it is even slower now.

    • Raoul

      Lol sorry for the typos. By the way “Red’s Army: The Voice Of Boston Celtics Fans” You guys used to be. Now it’s just your voice, your world, and anyone that has a problem with it duct tape on their mouth.

    • I appreciate the feedback.

      We are very lenient with our comments. Probably more lenient than most sites. I personally shut off the comments on that one post because the comments were no longer about anything constructive at all… they were just one personal insult after another at a writer who said Miami is very good and Boston is good, but not good enough. That’s his honest opinion, and if it had been 90 comments about why he was wrong by discussing matchups and the like… then the comments would still be open.

      However, I will not stand for all but a handful of comments calling the guy names and nothing else. (a)It’s rude (b) it makes the commenters look bad (c) it makes the site look bad. I’ve had readers email me about the degeneration of comments on the site making the entire site less enjoyable.

      So please understand that just because you have a voice doesn’t mean you can use it to say mean-spirited things about someone you disagree with. I’m not going to let comments that are just mean-spirited insults. We’re not JUST going to write positive Celtics stories. In the case of that article, the Celtics have a lot of questions, Miami just won a title, and LeBron James, as much as everyone hates him, is the best player in the NBA. It’s not an unreasonable conclusion.

      I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: We are going to give our honest opinion about this team. Sometimes it won’t be what fans want to hear. If you disagree, tell us why you disagree and make your point respectfully. If you come on this site and just call people names, you’re not only adding nothing, you’re taking away from everyone else’s enjoyment of the site.

      As for the slow load time, you’re the first person to bring that up. We had a problem with slow loading on the last site and all of the feedback has been positive about it improving. I’ll look into what might be slowing it down, but if you have more information on that… please let me know.

  • Raoul

    I very much appreciate you taking the time. To address this, and give detailed reasoning behind the actions taken and then some. Although I do not agree with some of it, I see valid points in most of it.

    I disagree with the following: The main complaint was that there was absolutely no substance to that article. It was indeed an opinion, but not one that was backed up with match-ups or anything else solid or comparable. I’ve been on here long enough to see true Celtics fans back-up anti-Celtics points that had solid evidence behind the theory, thought, or opinion. There was nothing to back-up and the writer’s “match-ups” basically there’s this roster and there’s that roster, and I feel like that roster is better. That was it. So naturally people aren’t going to find a need to rebuttal it with facts and stats. It really wasn’t worthy, and again, I’ve seen plenty of statistically backed claims where readers go above and beyond with their own research to share their point against the claim. This was not that type of article. Honestly, I think the readers just felt betrayed in a way and reacted in the manner they did because they’re not able to release an article on Red’s Army to rebuttal it. We’re just readers, so at least give stuff we want to read. If it’s something we wouldn’t want to read, at least make it logical so any logical person could see a point to it. As for Miami, they won, yes. But the Mavs won prior to that and were irrelevant by the time the reason started. Also, being a Los Angeles resident, after this many years past, nearly every Lakers fan I know personally is able to admit that their title against us was not due to them being a better team. Stuff just fell their way the last 2 games.

    I agree with the following: Respect is warranted where it is shown. Opinions should be backed up with solid facts. Lebron James is the best all-around basketball player in the world, hands down.

    As for the load times, the homepage does load more quickly than the previous site. However, the articles are slow to load. I access your website from any of 2 laptops, a desktop, a smartphone, and a tablet, and it’s consistent among all my devices. I also manage operations at a software dev company, so I’m not a technical blonde :-).

    Again, I appreciate you taking the time, John. We, the readers, will do our part to respect the website, its patrons, and writers. You guys…. just don’t do anything crazy like write an anti-semitic opinion on a jewish blog (totally exaggerated comparison, i know) unless you a running of the bulls.