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Dooling, Collins, Smith & Christmas offical

The Boston Celtics made the resigning of Keyon Dooling and the free agent signings of  big man Jason Collins, & Summer League team members Jamar Smith and Dionte Christmas official today. You can see the official press releases by clicking each name. As always, the terms of each deal were “not disclosed”.

Still no news on the Jeff Green front. At this point, who knows when we’ll get the official announcement from the Celtics. Do stay tuned.




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  • zippittyay

    Does that shut the door on Peaches and Marquis?

    • Alex

      Give up on Pietrus. Very much doubt he’ll be back. We just don’t have enough money for him and his agent will reject a vet min automatically.

    • CoachAJ

      Really convinced that the remaining spot will go to Christmas, as it wont cost us too much. And we will save the MLE for the mid-season if we need to do something.

      • kg215

        You mean bi annual exception.

    • KWAPT

      I personally think it does, yes. I know Doc really likes Marquis, but I just don’t see him/Ainge signing him again.

    • Yes, probably

  • Brian

    Why is the Green Signing taking soo long?

    • KWAPT

      I have heard that there’s a hold-up due to his medical issues. I.E. perhaps the C’s want some clause stating that he won’t get all the dough if he has to retire/cut season short due to health issues. That’s all speculation though. That is NOT confirmed by any credible source. But if I had to guess Brian, I’d think it revolves around his heart issue..who knows. *sigh* I just hope it gets done soon.

      • Uh Huh

        I’ve also heard that it may have something to do w/ getting other guys signed first and gaming the system as much as possible, that it may be slightly more beneficial to sign him last, though I’ve never heard a good, tangible reason why, with this new CBA, I’m sure we’ll be learning new things every summer for the next few years…

  • hebertofnh

    I think Jason Collins can be a sneaky good acquisition in the same sense that PJ Brown was. We’re not getting an offensive virtuoso, but he’s very good at bodying large players and fouling effectively with giving up and-1’s. Sounds small, but it’s something Hollins and Stiemsma really struggled with as reserve bigs. All three are welcome additions to CelticsNation.

  • Craig

    are christmas and smith under non-guaranteed contracts? because that makes 16 players. Can we send one to the Claws and then keep the other one?

    • KWAPT

      I believe Christmas & Smith are both non-guaranteed, camp invites. They will both be basically fighting to make the final roster.

      • Lee in Oregon

        Smith is non-guaranteed, Christmas has some dough guaranteed but could get cut. I could see them starting the season with both guys and letting one go if the right guy (like PJ) comes along.

        • Lee in Oregon

          oops, my bad, that’s 16 guys…..somebody has to go.

  • dwade

    that would be a laughable bench. Miami’s Bench will clobber these fools

    • Shawncvd

      Um… just like Boston’s 6-10 would clobber Miami’s 12-16… Quality basketball analysis there!

    • Eric

      @dwade OH MAN! WE ARE SO ANGRY NOW! HOW DARE YOU COME HERE AND TALK BAD ABOUT OUR TEAM! – is that the kind of response you were looking for bro?? You do realize we could care less what a bandwagon fans got to say about our first class organization, right? I mean, our team has history.. Yours, is like a baby, not to mention it’s full of em. The Heat won their second championship. Congrats. but 17 > 2. Even if they win 6 more, which in reality they won’t, that piss pore excuse for an organization will still be far from what we have. Lmfao.

      • dwade

        Baby huh, at least we have 2 championship in the 21st century. How about Boston 1 fluke ring in modern NBA and a lot of banner when there are 8 teams in the NBA and my grandpa’s grandpa is still alive.

        • robert liscio

          oh so miami has 2 rings in their existence and you wanna talk about the celtics one of the best franchises in sports 2nd to the yankees in championships!! Just ignorant like dwade and lebron, to flopping pieces of trash literally! The fact that you would root for a player that he says at the end of the day im still lebron james you all have to go back to your little lives and i get to be me a piece of trash says it all!! Miami in all reality got a gift this year by the refs, they shouldve lost both games 1 and 2 when the refs were giving the c’s nonsense technical fouls for things like complaining to the refs by the traitor ray allen and doc rivers, something wade and lebron do all game long crying at calls to the refs, not to mention terrible calls besides in game 2 when rondo dropped 44pts!! Actually miami shouldve lost the first 4 games!! Bottom line miami can win championships the next 14 years and still be one behind the celtics! No tradition in south beach just 3 players who happen to come together to be a dynasty and will only wind up winning 2 championships tops!!

          • dwade

            not the refs again. boston fans complain about the refs every game they lost

        • Lewis35

          Miami is a joke lol! Miami so rich in sports history. I mean the dolphins, heat, marlins(lol) are just such storied franchises. Those lousy Boston team sox,celtics,pats,bruins they just compare(lmao) to your championship Miami teams. I bow to you hahaha

        • robert liscio

          when miami comes close to winning 11 championships in 13 years then come on to a celtics website and run your mouth!!! I wouldn’t even know what a heat website looks like

          • Larry Legend

            Haha! I wouldn’t even know what a Miami Heat fan looks like! Or even if there us such a thing. It’s a pathetic sports town. Fans and franchises alike.

  • Glushak

    Sh*t,I wanted Josh Smith,not Jamar Smith

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